3 Maternity Style Essentials for Hip Mommies

You’ve been battling your style demons for the past few weeks, tremulous of your body and the defined ways it has already changed. While bigger boobs are usually on a list of wishes people hold dear, people (mothers and sisters) forgot to mention the swollen nipples and glands, parceled in for good measure, aching most of the day and rubbing against your normal bras. They also neglected to point out the rest of you will grow, as your belly starts to protrude and a spiders web of fine blue veins creeps toward your pubic area. You thought you’d be glowing by now, a flawless creature striding along, trailed by layers of chiffon and streaming silks, roman sandals tied around your dainty, feminine feet. Speaking of feet? Are they engorged yet? Fairly huge? Don’t despair. Being hip, cool and collected is a state of mind, paired with the right accessories and staple pieces; shopping for pregnancy is no different from picking up a new cut of jean; you’ll just have to suffer an elastic front to cope with your bulging bump!

Maternity style

The Skinny Cut
Skinny jeans are either your best friend or worst enemy; never has there been a jean type that has polarized fashionable society to the point where there are whole blogs and new articles dedicated to its purging. If you belong to the former camp and desire to take a faithful item with you on the journey to motherhood, websites like Maternity Sale carry a range of cuts and designs, curved specifically for that extra kilo or two on your butt, in addition to the bounce of your thriving baby. You can still be hip, hot and pregnant without replacing every style of pants with a slouchy boyfriend cut or old nanna jeans!

Dress It Up
Dresses are quite divisive; you either wear them or you don’t, relegating them to an era long gone by, where women weren’t allowed the freedom of pants and jeans. While dresses have taken a beating in some circles, a well cut maxi or sun dress, layered over supportive tights can create a graceful silhouette. Opt for colors and fabrics you’d wear if the sun was turned up to a thousand degrees, ensuring the piece is breathable and light. Accessorize and create an empire line with a be-jewelled belt or a leather cord, taking care with the finer details.

Stay on Trend
It’s easy to feel a bit weighed down by the impending birth, as you rush to gather bits and pieces, cute outfits and sometimes whole nurseries; keep up your style profile by incorporating the latest trends from the catwalk and fashion magazines into your look without going overboard. Concentrate of colors and patterns, adopting hard-hitting statement pieces sparingly; spoil yourself with something lovely and so completely you, and match up your collection of staples with other embellishments. Remember, you need to be comfortable and you won’t necessarily fit back into your old wardrobe straight away.

Trendy and pregnancy don’t need to live in a state of conflict. Inject a little bit of you into every decision. Do you have any tips to share with the class? Let us know in the comments below!

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