4 Ways to Prepare For the Warmer Months

Have you ever had that feeling of the days dragging by, but the next thing you know you’re waking up to a warm spring morning and all you can think is “Where did the year go?” If this does indeed describe you, and you feel like you’re scrambling to get the trackies and slippers packed away, you might need to check out this handy guide to help you get your action plan in place. Summer won’t know what hit it when you step out feeling fit, fabulous and full of life.

Yoga - perfect for summer fitness

1. Find your fitness

Feeling good lays the foundations of having a great summer full of fun and excitement. Get your active on and smash out a few workouts each week to kick-start your body after a cosy winter. Pick things you love to do – now that the sun has started getting serious about its job again, the world is your oyster. Join in one of the boot camps you are sure to find at your local park, find a cool gym in your area or give that awesome new program a go; no matter what you do, try to find something you not only enjoy, but something that gets you excited. Of course, not everyone has the time or the desire to head out and give the latest craze a go – that’s where experienced fitness equipment retailers like Fitness Market come in. Outfit your home with a selection of convenient gear and you could be moving your way to a fitter you without stepping out the front door.

2. Refresh your wardrobe
While you’re in the process of unpacking last year’s warm-weather wardrobe, take the opportunity to sort through each item. Decide what to keep and what you don’t want. Once you have some space cleared out, it only makes sense to pick up a few new summer staples. Go bright, airy and fun and set the tone for your sunny-day adventures.

3. Reassess your pantry
Winter is a time for getting cosy, curling up and casseroles. It’s time to ditch those for their cooler counterparts – cloudless skies, coconuts and cocktails. Do unto your pantry as you did to your wardrobe. Sort through, check use-by dates, and restock with lighter foods that will cater to the weather and cool you down.

4. Discover your surroundings
Create a summer bucket list. Check out local attractions, talk to friends in the area, find out what national parks are nearby and compile them into a list of places to visit and things to do. There’s no time like right now to learn about the place you live. Head out on your own or invite your best mates – no matter what you do, pack a lunch, take a water bottle and get living!

Preparing for the warmer months doesn’t have to mean crash-dieting, bikini shopping and 90 consecutive days at the beach (unless you genuinely want to do that, in which case, go ahead!).

Do you have a pre-summer routine or tradition? Share it with everyone in the comments below!

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