5 of the Most Damaging Things You Do to Your Hair

Most people care about their hair and do what they can to take care of it. However, many people do things that actually damage their hair without realizing it. In fact, some of the things people do to damage their hair they do thinking they will actually make their hair look better! To keep your hair healthy, avoid these five common mistakes.

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Washing Too Much
The idea behind washing your hair is that you’re supposed to get unnecessary oil build up off your hair follicles and scalp. Shampooing also helps get rid of chemicals and ingredients we put in our hair in the form of hair products. However, washing every day can actually cause you strip the oils that keep your hair healthy in the first place, resulting in split ends and dry, brittle looking hair. Instead of washing every single day, wash about three times per week and only after you exercise or perspire. Another problem with washing your hair is washing it with the wrong product, there are certain types of product for different hair, for example, you wouldn’t use shampoo for oily hair on hair that is dry and worn out. For further information finding out the right shampoo and conditioner for you, check out clearhaircare.com.au as you might just realise your hair is fine but you were using the wrong shampoo all this time.

Overusing Styling Tools
Styling tools like flat irons and blow dryers help you get the look you’re trying to achieve with your hair, but using them every day can result in serious damage over time. In the short term, your hair will start to look dull. After a few weeks of regular over-styling, you’ll start to notice that you hair always looks dull, thin and even a bit weak. If you use styling tools regularly, try to skip a day, and give your hair a rest on the weekends.

Choosing Damaging Styles
Putting your hair up in a ponytail or braiding your hair frequently can put a lot of stress on the follicles and on your scalp. The stress can be particularly damaging to your hair if you have a tendency to use a tight hair tie or choose to pull your hair back fairly tight. Putting your hair in a ponytail and braiding is fine once in a while, but it shouldn’t be a daily habit. If you need to get your hair out of your face for exercise, use a scarf, bandana or wrap that won’t damage your locks.

Colouring Frequently
Bleaching your hair regularly is one of the worst things you can do, as it strips the natural oils from your hair and weakens it. While highlighting your hair and using semi-permanent hair colour isn’t quite as bad, it isn’t exactly good for your hair either. Over time, colouring your hair in any fashion can cause dry, brittle hair, especially if you’re doing regular touch ups to cover up the grey in your hair.

Skipping Haircuts
Those split ends that pop up from time-to-time might be a bit annoying, but they’re also a pretty good sign that it’s time to get a haircut. However, many people skip haircuts when they’re looking to grow their hair out or just looking to save a few dollars. Instead of skipping haircuts, go for a trim instead. Many salons and barbers charge less for quick trims and you hair will look much better for weeks, even if your goal is to grow your hair out.

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