The New Dos and Don’ts of Traveling While Pregnant


When you’re pregnant, things that you’d normally do without thinking twice become something that has to be thoughtfully planned out in advance. Travel is one of those things. This list of dos and don’ts is the latest advice for pregnant women everywhere that have a trip planned before their due date.

Do Wear Pregnancy Leggings

Pregnancy leggings or compression leggings built for a pregnant body are a must when the travel mode requires long spells of sitting. The leggings will improve blood circulation in the lower body so that blood clots are less of a concern.

Do Wear Very Comfortable Shoes

A woman’s feet can grow up to a whole size larger during pregnancy thanks to edema. Time to break out the Uggs and Crocs.

Do Travel During Your Second Trimester

The second trimester is usually morning sickness-free, and you aren’t carrying around too much extra weight. Doctors often suggest taking longer distance trips between the 20 and 30 week mark.

Do Check the Airline’s Pregnancy Flying Policy

It appears that airlines don’t want women going into labor mid flight. Each one has established their own pregnancy flying policies that may require you to provide a note from a doctor if you are a month or less from the delivery date.

Do Prepare Medically

Bring your prenatal records with you wherever you go, and locate the hospital nearest to where you’ll be staying. You’ll also need to keep a copy of your health insurance handy.

Do Consider Traveling by Car

Cars may not be the quickest mode of transportation, but they do offer distinct advantages over other types of travel. The most important being that you have more control over when and where you can stop just in case there’s an issue. Just keep it to a maximum of six hours in the day.

Do Pay Attention to How You Wear Your Seatbelt

Once your bump starts to grow you’ll have to be careful about where the seatbelt straps are placed. The lap belt should be below your belly and the shoulder strap should go across the middle of the chest and around the stomach.

Do Get the Aisle Seat at the Front or Back of an Airplane

To keep the blood circulating doctors advise that pregnant women get up and walk around at least every few hours. An aisle seat at the front or back will make it easier to get up to go to the bathroom, stand out, stretch and walk during the flight.

Do Drink the Right Beverages

Some beverages help make the trip easier (water), and others could make things more uncomfortable (caffeinated drinks). Guzzling water also has the added benefit of keeping you hydrated and keeping your skin from getting dry.

Don’t Forget to Factor in Frequent Bathroom Breaks

Having to go more often is a normal side effect that starts much sooner in the pregnancy than many people realize. From the first trimester on the urge to go is more frequent, which is going to factor into long car rides. Women have reported urinating as frequently as every hour, so give yourself extra time to get where you need to go.

Don’t Leave Without Talking to Your Doctor First

No matter how far along you are, let your doctor know if you plan to take a trip out of town. They can provide specific advice on what you should and shouldn’t do to avoid issues while traveling.

Don’t Travel in the Last Month of Pregnancy

Doctors typically advise against traveling once your pregnancy reaches 36 weeks. Only travel after this if it’s absolutely necessary.

Don’t Go Through the Imaging Machines at Airports

Because no long-term studies have been done, doctors say pregnant women should play it safe and avoid the Advanced Imaging Technology (AIT) scanners at airports. Request that they give you a pat down if necessary after going through the metal detector.

Don’t Sit Still in Your Seat

Whether you are in a car, on a train or a plane do stretches while seated every 30 minutes. Extend your legs out in front of you and flex the feet, wiggle your toes and rotate your ankles.

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How To Choose The Best Coat/Jacket For You

Choosing the best coat or jacket for you is a decision that depends greatly on your personal sense of style, as well as your budget. While there are a wide range of outerwear items to suit every pocket and coupons from such sites as or can be used to save on your purchase, it is in your best interests to be as choosy as possible.

After all, a coat or jacket is worn on a consistent basis and is often the first thing that people see when they catch a glimpse of you. These are the questions that you should be asking yourself in order to make the best decision possible:

Am I Looking For Something Timeless or Trendy?
The answer depends strictly on your budget. If you are working with less, then you will probably want to get the absolute most out of your purchase. Selecting a coat or jacket with a timeless design is your best bet. For those who have a higher budget to play with, it is okay to get a little more adventurous and try on the newest and hottest styles of the season.

Should I Invest In Quality?
Even with a lower budget, it is still best to invest in quality. The more you spend on a coat or jacket, the longer it will last. Making a quality purchase will allow you to keep the item for years, without having to shop for a replacement. However, if you are looking for something that is more fashionable, then you may invest in a lower quality product, as you will probably not need it for a very long period. Unsure about quality? Take a moment to check out the coat’s finish, as well as its lining, as these are typically great indicators.

What Function Will This Coat Serve?
It is important to consider the function that the coat will serve before making the final decision. Is it going to be worn on a daily basis, to work or school? Or is this coat only going to be worn on special occasions? Those who plan to be more active will need to make a selection that fits their lifestyle, while those who are looking for something to wear on their evenings out have a different choice to make.

Am I Looking To Stand Out Or Blend In?
For those who already have a neutral colored coat, they may be looking for something with a little more pizzazz, something that allows them to stand out among the crowd. Choosing coats and jackets of unusual colors makes for a great addition and gives you the chance to mix and match with more of your current closet. Even if you are someone who typically favors neutrals, selecting a brighter color means standing out during those cold, drab winter months.

Finding the Right Fleece Jacket

Winter season is almost over and soon it will be spring. Although temperatures during spring can’t be as low as in winter, we can’t ignore the biting cold of this colorful season. Most of us are already taking out our fleece jackets to protect us from the sunny, cold weather. Some of us may need to buy new ones. But how do we choose the best fleece jacket for our purpose?

Yes, there seems to be a million and one different types of fleece out there and if you do not read about it, it would be hard to make a choice. It is like hitting something blindly. But if you find the right one, it will do you well.

fleece jackets

For starters, know that there four main kinds of fleece jackets, namely Lightweight, Midweight, Heavyweight, and Windproof.

The Lightweight fleece jacket is light, from its name. It is not bulky and is highly breathable. It bridges the gap between heavy base layers and mid-layer insulation. This is perfect for use of athletes in action who generate a lot of body heat.

The Midweight fleece jacket is perhaps the most popular of all kinds of fleece because it is versatile. Most people use it as a mid-layer over an article of clothing, but another layer is placed over it. This is used in moderate temperatures. It is also breathable.

The Heavyweight fleece jacket provides the utmost warmth in cold climes, however, it can get really heavy and uncomfortable. It is usually worn as an outer layer in extremely cold weather. It is still breathable and is good for cold weather activities that do not require a lot of movement, such as camping or skiing. It can also be used a mid-layer if preferred.

The Windproof fleece jacket can be any weight, except that it has a windproof membrane inserted between two fleece layers. That is why it is less breathable than standard fleece.

Now that we have decoded fleece jackets, you will not go unarmed the next time you go to the store to get one.

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Top 5 Wedding Day Personal Preparation Tips

Every girl looks forward to her wedding day with excitement and wistfulness. Most spend a lifetime dreaming about the details and planning out the perfect ceremony in their minds. However, when the long-awaited wedding date is finally set, even the most well prepared future bride can find herself overwhelmed with all of the details that go into planning a wedding ceremony. From strapless shapewear to bridesmaid dresses, there are so many things to plan for before the big day arrives.

If you are currently counting down the days until your wedding, don’t forget to take care of yourself and make sure that you are prepared to be the breathtakingly beautiful center of everyone’s attention on your special day. Here are the top 5 personal preparation tips that you should follow in the days leading up to your wedding day:

1. The Dress Comes First 

wedding dress

If you want to feel like a princess on your wedding day, don’t settle for a dress that is not absolutely perfect for you. While it is always fun to take friends and family with you when you go wedding dress shopping, you should never let them talk you into purchasing a dress that you don’t feel good about wearing. Once you find a dress that is the perfect fit for your personality, you will know without a doubt that you must wear that dress on your wedding day.

2. Don’t Forget Shapewear

Although the dress is the most important item on your wedding preparation list, you should also make sure that you take care of what is underneath the dress. Shapewear is a must if you want to whittle down your waist and look breathtakingly beautiful while wearing your wedding dress. Just make sure you choose shapewear that will be completely undetectable beneath your clothing. If you are wearing a strapless wedding dress, then you need to wear shapewear without straps as well.

3. Buy Two Pairs of Shoes

wedding shoes
You should always have a beautiful pair of stylish heels to wear on your wedding day, but you should also have a separate pair of comfortable flats to relieve your aching feet after the ceremony is completed and the pictures have been taken. A comfortable pair of flats is imperative for saving your feet and your sanity, especially if you plan to stand in a long reception line following the ceremony.

4. Your Jewelry Should Make a Statement

wedding day, wedding day jewelry
Wedding day jewelry
should always make a statement. The type of statement you choose to make should be based on your personality and shouldn’t be dictated by anyone else. Whether you want to make a bold and flashy statement or you prefer to make a peaceful and graceful statement, look for jewelry sets that depict exactly how you feel about being married to your best friend.

5. Splurge on Makeup

Your wedding day is the only day in your life when you can spend a ridiculous amount of time and money on yourself, and no one will judge you for it. Because it is a once-in-a-lifetime event, make sure you splurge on high-quality makeup that will keep you looking beautiful and refreshed throughout the entire ceremony and beyond. Your wedding day is not the time to save money by purchasing cheap and ineffective makeup.

If you want to make sure your wedding day is as perfect as you have always envisioned, follow these tips to make sure you are personally prepared to be a serene and beautiful bride.

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