Trendy Summer Footwear

The sunny days are here and it is time to chuck out those bulky clothes and shoes for some cool summer ensembles. Sandals and flipflops are wardrobe staples for those who regularly go to the beach during the summer season. Such footwear is ideal for hot summer days because they are cool and comfortable to wear. However, a woman’s footwear needs go way beyond casual outings in the beach so one must also factor in style and design in their criteria for buying footwear. Here are some of the hottest trends that can help you find a good set of summer footwear.

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Breathable and comfortable footwear are must haves for the summer. Strappy Sandals, Sling Backs, Athletic shoes and Open toe shoes make great candidates for your summer footwear purchases. Gladiator sandals have been in the trends for quite some time now but updated designs offer fresh looks that keep them in style. The 90s trend in spring 2014 fashion brought statement shirts and cropped tops back in style. In terms of footwear, the Slingback Shoes makes a return with designs from Michael Korrs, Bottega Veneta, and Dsquared2. As for those who opt for athletic shoes, the Birkenstock offers some of the stylish options for active feet. Other Summer Footwear options that you can look for include Mules, Platforms, and Pointed Shoes. Creations from Philip Lim and Victoria Beckham brought the mules back into the style radar this season while platforms and pointed shoes still have their spots in the runways.

Aside from the type of footwear, shoe shoppers should also consider the colors, prints, and materials of the footwear. Bold colors and monochrome as well as leather finish shoes are some of the trendy options this season. There are plenty of ways to go with the leather finish shoes. One can choose from the classic matte finish, daring reptile look, fun and funky combination of two-tone leather or woven leather, or the futuristic appeal of metallic tones. Shoes that have ankle straps, t-bars and other metallic hardware can also add character or a touch of edginess in your summer outfits.

Stylish shoes that flatter your outfit is a major consideration in choosing summer footwear. Just remember that fit and comfort is equally important in making you look good while strutting out your hot outfits.

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Perfect Your Office Outfit with Winser

Which clothes do you invest more time and money in, items for work or for your life beyond the office?

In an ideal world, piecing together the perfect office outfit would be far less important than how well you actually do your job but like it or not, your professional appearance matters and getting it right, could be the difference between making or breaking your career.  

Thankfully, the eponymous fashion house of Kim Winser, OBE, is on hand to make the working woman’s office outfit easy to perfect.

The Winser London range is all about understated, classic, feminine “desk to dancefloor” clothing which is ideal for the office and your life outside of it.

Here are just a few key pieces from their collection that make the perfect office ensemble:


winser, tuxedo trousers, trousers

Tuxedo trousers

Slim-fitting Tuxedo trousers come a choice of black, nude, camel or red and teamed with a suit jacket and flats or heels, make for a smart and powerful look in any boardroom.

For a slightly less formal yet equally professional look, opt for wide-leg Palazzo Pants in black. These versatile trousers are made from a fluid jersey fabric which drapes and moves beautifully. Pair them with a pair of flats and a jacket or cashmere twin-set.

Either pair of these trousers can instantly be transformed for post-work glamour with a strapless or halter-neck top and some statement jewellery.


A dress is the ultimate feminine fashion piece and if you only ever buy one for the office, make it the Winser Miracle Dress.

winser, miracle dress

Miracle Dress

This cleverly tailored dress is both feminine and functional and strikes just the right chord for a professional image.

The gently scooped neckline, ¾ length sleeves and below-the-knee hemline combined with delicate waistline pleating flatters all body shapes and lets you stride into any conference with confidence.

Select yours from a choice of colours including black, dove grey, Hollywood red and midnight or Winser blue. It works as a complete office outfit in the summer but can be teamed with a smart jacket or scarf in cooler months.

If you prefer skirts, then Winser also stock the Miracle Pencil Skirt which is made from the same Ponte de Roma jersey stretch fabrics for a flattering and comfortable fit.


silk top, winser,

Silk Top

As long as you avoid see-through fabrics or anything too low-cut, a top is perhaps the easiest item of your work wardrobe to get right.

But, if you want to look and feel confident, successful and feminine, then Winser’s Silk Shirt is a must-have. With a sharp collar, two front pockets and optional cufflink fastenings, this luxurious and delicate shirt works equally well with trousers or a skirt.

Like the majority of Winser’s collection, this shirt is available in muted tones which flatter all skin shades and which complement items of clothing in almost any other colour, giving you a versatile mix and match wardrobe that you can wear anywhere.

Any of these items will keep you comfortable without compromising your credibility but perhaps more importantly, every piece in the Winser collection is timeless, so you’re free to focus on work in luxurious style, in any season.

For more advice on elegant fashionable lines that you can wear anywhere, or to explore the rest of the Winser London’s womenswear range, visit their website or any of their boutique pop-up stores in Harvey Nichols, Peter Jones, Rossiters of Bath and selected branches of John Lewis.

Are Your Sunglasses Right For You?

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Dermatologists recommend that people wear sunblock cream or lotion whenever they go outdoors. This summer, you can take this step a notch higher by getting fashionably protected with a gorgeous pair of sunglasses. These hot fashion items can make you look good while protecting your eyes and the sensitive skin around it against the harmful UV rays. You can easily get a pair of stylish sunglasses from the mall or even a convenience store. The question is, are these sunglasses right for you?

Style is not the only consideration in choosing the perfect sunglasses. You also need to think about the main purpose of your sunglasses or the activities that you will be having for the day. A typical pair of designer glasses may be great for trips to the mall or the office but you may need better protection for sports and other outdoor activities.

There are three components that you have to consider when buying sunglasses, the frame, lens, and tint.

Eye wear frames come in different shapes, sizes, and materials. Plastic frames are preferred options for outdoor and casual affairs while metal frames are ideal for formal situations. For your best look, find a frame that flatters your face shape. Angular frames work best for those with round shaped face while frames with soft lines and rimless edges can flatter square shaped faces.

Just like sunblock cream, you are better off with lens that offer complete UVA/UVB protection. Your best options are those that comply with ANSI Z80.3 blocking requirements and lenses that offer UV 400 protection. There are also polarized lenses that provide added protection for people who are likely to be exposed to glares that reflect from the snow or water. Those who are used to wearing prescription eyewear may also want to get prescription sunglasses for good measure.

When it comes to choosing the tint of your lenses, darker tints does not necessarily mean better protection. You may choose any tint you want for your sunglasses as long as you are aware of its effect on your color perception. Brown, gray, and green tints on your lenses offer the least distortion in color perception compared to yellow and red ones.

What Style of Jeans Should I Wear?

jeans cut, types of jeans, jeans, women's jeans, cut of jeansEveryone needs the perfect pair of jeans in their wardrobe – not only are they brilliant for throwing on during the day and looking instantly awesome, but they can also be jazzed up for a classy night time look. However, finding these miracle jeans is always easier said than done. We’ve all been there; cursing and getting frustrated as we try on pair number twenty… or thirty?

Luckily, there are actually certain types of jeans that perfectly match particular body types – therefore next time you go for the dreaded jeans shop, make the process more fruitful by searching for the cut that suits your figure.

The Hourglass

Hourglass figures know that sometimes finding jeans that fit is not the easiest feat in the world! For those who want to slim down their legs and wear fitted jeans, go for ones that are single tones rather than patterned or rippled. Different colours on the same material can make legs appear bigger than they really are. Also, three-quarter jeans that are snuggly fitted can look spectacular on a beautiful hourglass. Slim fits are your friend! This style can be found at any Universal Store near you.


Your friends may curse you for having legs for days, but you know better than anyone that it can be just as hard for tall people to find jeans as for anyone else. Try some jeans with a slight flare at the bottom to keep things looking proportionate. Also, having textured jeans (i.e. fading) complements long luscious legs.


If you’re a keen gym-goer or runner, your legs may be slightly musclier than the average inactive Joe. Again, jeans with a flared bottom are great to add some proportion. Stretch fabric that clings to the legs without sagging anywhere is great, as it will make your calves look leaner and less bulky (if that is a concern for you). You’ve worked hard for your great body; now show it off in some sexy jeans!


Curvy people have a plethora of concerns when they go shopping for jeans, which may deter people from investing in denim altogether! It either fits round the middle, but not on your legs, or the opposite. For curvy ladies who want to flaunt what their mother gave them, try a good set of boot cut jeans with a dark colouring. Also, having a high rise waist is great for fitting wider hips.


If you’re shaped more like a pencil and find that slim-fitting jeans accentuate your straight-ness, try wearing some relaxed fit boyfriend jeans. Not only are they incredibly comfortable, but they can give the illusion of curves because of their bagginess. Alternatively, straight leg pants are made for your body type, are very flattering and are great for a daytime or night time look.

Finding jeans that fit can be a struggle for every body type, but there are certain cuts that will suit the shape of your body better than others.

What cut of jeans have you found suit your figure the best?

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Fashion Trends for 2014 to Update Your Wardrobe With

Part of many New Year’s resolutions people have is to look good and dress better. It’s time to say goodbye to frumpy and dated clothing, and hello to the fashionable new you. But don’t throw out everything in your closet just yet. Before you start your closet clean up, you have to get a good idea of what the fashion trends for 2014 are so you know what existing clothing items you can still make use of. Keep your basic tanks, tees, and jeans. The little black dress should also be kept in your closet. Seasonal clothes should already be boxed and ready for storage. With the prep work out of the way, you can start checking out the latest styles that would suit your body type and personality.

Here are some of the fashion trends for 2014 that are making the runway rounds:

tea-length skirts, tea-length1. Tea-length full skirts – minis are out this year as skirts go fuller and longer. Think of it as a modern Audrey Hepburn look. Wear these skirts with cropped or fitted tops to balance their length and fullness. (Image credit:

2. Wide-leg trousers – pack up the skinnies and go for flared denims or slacks. Those with height problems can go for slimmer flares and higher waistbands to stretch the look. Pumps and wedges are the best footwear options for wide-leg pants.

pastel suits, men's suits 20143. Pastel suits – turn light with pastel suits in slim silhouettes. The pinks, lavanders, and baby blues can soften your business look without robbing you of the look of authority. Stand out in the sea of dark suits in the boardroom and show them who the boss really is. (Image credit:

4. Button-down shirts – the straight lines of men’s shirts are in this year. The look, however, is updated with contrasting colors in the collars and cuffs. These shirts can serve as your work wardrobe essentials for the year. Wear them with solid pencil skirts or flared pants to complete your look.

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