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Our hair is said to be our crowning glory. Herewith is a very cool infographic on how to enhance more our crowning glory and define more our beauty.

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Qualities of a Good Hair Color Product

hair color, choosing a hair colorGetting a make-over is a great way to inject excitement or fresh vibes in your everyday routine. Unlike the drastic make-over seen on television, a change of hairstyle or hair color may suffice for a new look without the splurge. A blonde can be a brunette and a raven haired maiden can be a golden blonde within a few hours with the right product expertly applied on the hair. But what exactly does one look for in buying hair color?

hair colorIt can be easy to get lost in all the hair coloring products available today but with a little bit of guide in choosing hair colors it shouldn’t be too hard. Before deciding on the type of hair color product and a new shade for you, check the labels first. Look for product safety seals and FDA approval to make sure that the product is safe to use. You would like to avoid those that contain harmful chemicals that may cause allergic reactions like cocamide DEA and PPD or phenylenediamine. Some people opt for coloring agents that are natural and mild even though they do not last as long as the ones with chemicals in them. The safest products are usually those that earned EU approval for safety.

One should also look for instructions on how to use the product especially those that require you to mix the ingredients together. This will help ensure that you get the best effects from the product and minimize the risk of botching up your hair color. The best ones are those that are easy to use and last as long as possible. These hair colors can last for a few days to several weeks depending on the type of product that you get. Your options can range from permanent, semi-permanent, demi-permanent, temporary, bleach or highlights.

Shopping for hair color gets a lot easier after a while. You just need to keep an eye out for marks of safety and quality in products that are also easy to use. The rest is just a matter of picking the color that fits your mood.

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It’s All About White Hair

white hair, causes of white hairGorgeous locks in vibrant hues of red, brown, black, and golden blonde are crowning glories that most women would like to have for a lifetime. But whether we like it or not, these shades will eventually fade and turn white as people get older. This association with aging prompts some people to explore different means to get rid of their white hair or prevent it from turning white. However, there are also white hair myths that can lead you astray in finding your white hair solution. Here are some tidbits that may help you pick the right path in dealing with white hair.

Hair can turn white due to different reasons which include Achromotrichia or aging, special medical conditions, stress, and artificial means. The most common cause of white hair is aging. Hair loses its original hue when the melanocyte stem cells that are responsible for producing and storing hair pigment starts to die. This can occur as early as 10 years old or as late as mid forties but for most people it starts around their mid to late twenties. No amount of plucking will help you get rid of white hair permanently. This has nothing to do with the myth that for every white or gray hair that you pluck two or more white hairs are expected to grow. This method can weaken your hair follicles and you might end up dealing with falling hair along with your white hair problems.

As of now, there is no practical way to revive a dead melanocyte stem cell or reverse the effects of Achromotrichia. One efficient method to deal with this hair concern is to use hair color for concealing the whiteness. In this day and age, one can change hair colors anytime they please and white hair is not much of a concern anymore. They can either have fun exploring different hair colors or simply flaunt their gorgeous white hair.

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5 Easy Hairstyles for Women for that Special Occasion

Most women will tell you that while they would love the idea of trying a new hairstyle, they shy away from it because they are either too afraid of stuffing it up or can’t be bothered with hours in front of the mirror. I don’t blame you, my own hair is ridiculously bushy and often untameable (enough to give Hermione Granger a run for her money.) But over the years of tedious trial and error, I’ve managed to put together a list of easy-to-do hairstyles that are not only elegant but will suit any kind of special occasion. Here are just a few.

top knot bunTop Knot Bun

This hairstyle is no longer the go-to do for bad hair days. The top knot bun is the quintessential hairdo for whenever you need a few extra inches or want to feel like your inner ballerina. Not only is it stylish, but it compliments every kind of event, from a night out with girls, to your work Christmas party and even on your wedding day. You can make it sleek with a bun sock or turn it into a messy bun with a few bobby pins. (image credit:

fishtailSide Fishtail Braid

Anything outside of your standard three sectioned braid is a bit daunting and while fishtail braids are up there on the intimidation chart, they are a lot easier than you think. All you need is some elastics, a pair of hands (preferably your own) and heating tools where necessary. The trendy fishtail goes well with a bohemian dress and is suitable for a garden party. (

heidy braidThe Heidi Braid

Unleash your inner milk maiden with this chic hairstyle. They are an easy way to keep your locks out of your face and you can style it as sleek or messy as you like. With the messy braid you can pair it with a whimsical attire that gives off a romantic vibe. Simply part your hair into two sections and make a three strand braid with each. From here, use some bobby pins to cross them over to the opposite side of the crown of your head, and voila, you’ve got a modern take on this classic hairstyle. (image credit:

waterfall twistWaterfall Twist

Certain hairstyle only work for particular lengths of tresses, however the waterfall twist works with almost every length regardless of whether you have curly or straight hair. This intricate and beautiful look can be easily achieved with a few bobby pins to secure it in to place and compliments a sari or bohemian look. (image credit:

veronica lake curlsVeronica Lake Curls

What girl doesn’t love watching old classic movies? There is so much to be inspired by – the fashion, the make-up and most importantly – the hairdos! The great thing about these olden day designs is that they never go out of fashion. One of the most popular is the Veronica Lake Curls, the 1940’s style that screams femme fatale. By creating a wave pattern with hot rollers and sectioning a deep side part, you’ll boast a look that’s bold and dramatic. This look works best with thick hair, but if you’re currently sporting thinner locks you can boost the volume with a can of BioTHIK . (image credit:

You’ve got five minutes to get ready – what’s your go-to hairstyle? Tell us in the comments below.

5 of the Most Damaging Things You Do to Your Hair

hair care, washing hair, hair damagesMost people care about their hair and do what they can to take care of it. However, many people do things that actually damage their hair without realizing it. In fact, some of the things people do to damage their hair they do thinking they will actually make their hair look better! To keep your hair healthy, avoid these five common mistakes.

Washing Too Much

The idea behind washing your hair is that you’re supposed to get unnecessary oil build up off your hair follicles and scalp. Shampooing also helps get rid of chemicals and ingredients we put in our hair in the form of hair products. However, washing every day can actually cause you strip the oils that keep your hair healthy in the first place, resulting in split ends and dry, brittle looking hair. Instead of washing every single day, wash about three times per week and only after you exercise or perspire. Another problem with washing your hair is washing it with the wrong product, there are certain types of product for different hair, for example, you wouldn’t use shampoo for oily hair on hair that is dry and worn out. For further information finding out the right shampoo and conditioner for you, check out as you might just realise your hair is fine but you were using the wrong shampoo all this time.

Overusing Styling Tools

Styling tools like flat irons and blow dryers help you get the look you’re trying to achieve with your hair, but using them every day can result in serious damage over time. In the short term, your hair will start to look dull. After a few weeks of regular over-styling, you’ll start to notice that you hair always looks dull, thin and even a bit weak. If you use styling tools regularly, try to skip a day, and give your hair a rest on the weekends.

Choosing Damaging Styles

Putting your hair up in a ponytail or braiding your hair frequently can put a lot of stress on the follicles and on your scalp. The stress can be particularly damaging to your hair if you have a tendency to use a tight hair tie or choose to pull your hair back fairly tight. Putting your hair in a ponytail and braiding is fine once in a while, but it shouldn’t be a daily habit. If you need to get your hair out of your face for exercise, use a scarf, bandana or wrap that won’t damage your locks.

Colouring Frequently

Bleaching your hair regularly is one of the worst things you can do, as it strips the natural oils from your hair and weakens it. While highlighting your hair and using semi-permanent hair colour isn’t quite as bad, it isn’t exactly good for your hair either. Over time, colouring your hair in any fashion can cause dry, brittle hair, especially if you’re doing regular touch ups to cover up the grey in your hair.

Skipping Haircuts

Those split ends that pop up from time-to-time might be a bit annoying, but they’re also a pretty good sign that it’s time to get a haircut. However, many people skip haircuts when they’re looking to grow their hair out or just looking to save a few dollars. Instead of skipping haircuts, go for a trim instead. Many salons and barbers charge less for quick trims and you hair will look much better for weeks, even if your goal is to grow your hair out.

Author Bio: Sarah has been a hairdresser for the past 3 years. She loves travelling with her job and making people feel good about themselves. She loves writing beauty blogs to help others try new things and step out of their comfort zone.

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