I Heart the Fairy Hobmother

People who know me well will say without batting an eyelash that I am one hell of a dust buster.  If there’s one thing I hate so much, it’s dust.  You won’t be surprised then, if you find me carrying a good old vacuum cleaner around the house like it was my most prized possession.


But there’s one particular type of dust which I love to bits.  It’s fairy dust. If you still don’t believe in fairies, then it’s time you believed in them now, because they do exist.


There’s this nice fellow called the Fairy Hobmother who has just sprinkled my blogs with pixie dust.  For those who still don’t know who he is, the Fairy Hobmother is someone who works over at Appliances Online, and loves making bloggers happy by giving them gifts to reward them for all the hard work they put into their blogs.


In my case, he gave me an Amazon gift card.  I couldn’t possibly be happier, as I can now get myself that freezer I have so long desired.
The Fairy Hobmother is definitely heaven sent.  If you want him to pay you a visit too, here’s what you do:
1. Leave a comment – be sure to include your blog url or other info so he can easily find you.
2. Follow the @fairyhobmother on Twitter. Leave a second comment if you do.

Sex: Are You Getting Enough?

It’s another one of those especially cold and chilly nights, and you find yourself alone in bed, waiting for the phone to ring as your dear hubby is busy working his ass off in the office.  This then prompts you to ask yourself if you’re getting enough sex.

With all the stuff you do at home everyday, and your husband slaving away at work, you sometimes feel that sex- or making love- has become as rare as a semi precious gem stone.

Couples all over should realize- if they don’t already- that sex is an integral part of one’s mental and physical health.  During and after sex, your body releases feel-good hormones which also help strengthen the immune system.  Notice how you seldom catch a cold when you’re quite active in the sack?

More than the sweaty, physical aspect of sex, the emotional bond between man and woman is all the more strengthened by the act.  It’s a total experience which brings two people together.

The number of times you need to have sex will vary from person to person.  Get the right dose for you, and you’re sure to give both your body and mind that much-needed workout.

Expressing Yourself through Music

Health, as we all know, encompasses not only the physical, but also the mental and emotional.  One of the ways to achieve the latter type of health is through self-expression.  And an effective medium for that is music.

Music comes in so many forms.  It may involve using your natural instrument- your voice- to express yourself.  Or if you’re one who hasn’t been blessed with an angelic voice, you can express yourself through playing a musical instrument.  Well, this will benefit others’ health as well, as their ears wouldn’t have to bleed listening to your not-so-stellar singing voice!

In order to effectively express yourself through a musical instrument, you should first see yourself as a musician, and not just someone who plays the guitar using dod effects.  At least, you’re learning to become one!  Think of yourself as an artist using music as your medium of expression.  Your guitar then becomes a vessel of your thoughts and emotions.

After seeing yourself as an artist, the next thing to do is to envision what you want to create.  Clearly identify what kind of music you want to make, or what message you want to put across.  Guitar players, for example, begin with improvising chords and playing around with melodies.  They keep at it until they chance upon something that sounds awesome.

Heal Yourself from the Past

There’s probably one thing we all have in common.  No, it’s not bad hair days or tummy bulges… it’s our past.  Wherever and whatever state we are in right now is a result of our past.  At one point in our lives, we must have gone through some heart-wrenching event which nearly cost us our sanity.

Until now, we are sometimes reminded by those woeful events in the past.  Yes, I’m talking about how looking at those motorcycle boots continues to remind you of how your ex-boyfriend broke your heart to smithereens.  And we can’t help it, even if we tried.  Certain objects or people anchor us to the past and all the pains which came with it.

So, how do we finally break free from the past which haunts us?  Some believe that you don’t get over the pain, you just get used to it.  Others believe that time heals all wounds.

To each his own, I guess.  We all have our coping mechanisms.  Some bury themselves in work just to numb the pain.  Others paint the town red in efforts to forget.  Still others just shut the past down and move on.

Whatever your coping style is, just do it.  Have faith that things will be better.  Give yourself time to mourn, and then pick up the pieces and move forward.  It’s the only way to go.

Food for Mental Health: Celebrating With the Family

Health is an all-encompassing word which comprises not only of your physical well-being, but your mental state as well.  To be truly healthy, you should not only concentrate on toning your muscles, but also try to think about things which make you feel good.  One of the things which make us happy is seeing our loved ones happy.

Whenever special occasions come up, we rack our brains out, trying to come up with gift ideas for members of our family.  We search high and low for decadent birthday gifts for hubby or hi-tech toys for junior.

More than giving our loved ones the perfect presents, what matters is the quality of time we spend with them on special occasions.  On your husband’s birthday for instance, what really matters is the effort you put into preparing for his surprise party.  Your son will appreciate you giving up work to take him to the mall on his birthday.

In the final analysis, it’s the little things that matter.  To be mentally healthy, set aside some time to celebrate special life events with your family.  Everyone will end up being healthy and happy.

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