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Staying beauty on everyday basis might be pretty hard sometimes. Especially if you are a girl who can‘t spend tons of time facing the mirror every morning. But if you still want to look beautiful and do it quickly – here are some of the easiest beauty hacks for all low maintenance girls. Use it and you will soon release how little time you need to look gorgeous!

Get a huge dry shampoo bottle. If you just don’t have enough of time to wash your hair every time it gets oily then at least invest in a huge bottle of dry shampoo. It will help you to stay clean and reduce all of the oils on your head instantly. All you need to do is to spray it on your roots and wait a second or two. This is how you will avoid wearing weird hats and can enjoy fresh hair for some time.

Use the most of the soap. Hand soap is great for both missed showers and simple freshening ups too. It can also work not only to make your hands cleaner, but it can work as a deodorant as well! Just rub some soap and sans water into your armpits. You will smell better and feel cleaner instantly! And at the end of the day, you will save a lot of money because one simple hand soap you can use in the shower, wash your hands and also use as a deodorant too. 

Use conditioner for all hair. Another fun beauty tip which can also work as a money saving option is to use hair conditioner then shaving your legs too! It won’t dry out your skin like shaving cream or soap does and it will work even better than you expected! The conditioner is also a good idea if you are a daredevil and shave without water. This is how you will protect your skin from any damage.

Definitely get lash extensions. If you want to look beautiful every morning just after washing your face with some water, you should definitely get lash extensions. It is the best way how not to use any makeup every day and still look drop dead gorgeous. Lashes brighten the whites of your eyes, pop the color and will give the illusion of being less tired and puffy by lifting and defining the lash line for you. So why not do that? 

Permanent dye your eyebrows too. If you really, really don’t have any time for any makeup, then combine your lash extensions with permanently dyed eyebrows too. That will also let you look polished and ready for the new day without any additional work on your face! Just be sure to do it professionally and correctly or if you are not sure how to – meet the local beauty, expert. This will definitely save you a lot of time and effort to look good for sure.

Moisturizers surprises. Finally, to make the most out of your low maintenance regime, you should never forget to use moisturizer. Just purchase the right one for your skin type otherwise you will harm your look rather than improving it. Moisturize daily and keep your skin looking glowing and help to prevent wrinkles and skin damage. You can even find a special moisturizer that is also a makeup foundation! This is how you can do two things at once! 

Target has a lot of these moisturizer creams that will surprise you a lot. (Don’t forget to use Target promo codes from here to reduce the price tag of it too.) So just get the right one and be beautiful in a second every morning.

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