Elderly Care Tips: How to Physically Care for a Senior Citizen

Taking care of senior citizens is not all about loving them and having a professional caregiver attend to them at all times. Did you know that keeping them active is equally important? Whether the senior citizen is living in his own home, or you have moved him to your home or to a senior center, ensure that the loved one is active.

Caring for a senior citizen whether close family or not can take a toll on everyone around. Luckily, there are hundreds of elderly care agencies like http://www.ctcarehomehealth.com/connecticut-agency, who have the caregivers professionally trained to care for seniors. However, because not everyone wants to take their parent to a senior center when they are old and helpless, home care is the best.

At home, the senior citizen will be surrounded by people he or she loves and the things they love. And because that alone is not enough, keep reading. There are many resources and options for caring for an aging relative or friend. However, the underlying question is, which of these resources and/or options favor your loved one?

This post however focuses on the physical assistance. With little work and patience, here are a few steps of how and when you should keep the senior loved one physically active.

1. First things first, plan ahead–as you celebrate a birthday year after another, so are your parents. A time will come when you will take care of your parents, and as we all know catering for an aged person has its own share of challenges. Therefore, plan ahead and make your home or their home safe and conducive for them.By so doing, you will eliminate any possible last-minute emergency calls of duty.

2. Encourage your senior loved one to Exercise – keeping your senior loved one active can help protect them from diseases. In fact, exercise can help regulate blood pressure, levels of cholesterol and even make them look 10 years younger.However, because of age, ensure that the exercises are low intensity activities like swimming, walking, stretching and yoga.

3. If they can attend to their personal needs, let them – in most cases, people tend to take total control of such situations forgetting the fact that this senior citizen has depended on himself or herself for the longest time possible. In some cases, senior citizens want to attend to their personal needs on their own. Therefore, if they are capable of bathing themselves or feeding themselves, (please) let them. Sitting around doing nothing can be an emotional struggle for them.

4. Engage them mentally – most times, the mental health of a senior citizen is overlooked. But believe it or not, mental health is just as important as the physical health. Keep the senior citizen mentally active. For example, you can read them a book, watch a television series that they like or keep them updated on what is happening around the world. By keeping their minds active, it will help sweep away depression, sadness and deep thinking.


Calvin Jenner is a web content developer for http://www.ctcarehomehealth.com/connecticut-agency. Having cared for his aging mother for 3 years, you can get invaluable advice on his blog.

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