I Heart the Fairy Hobmother

People who know me well will say without batting an eyelash that I am one hell of a dust buster.  If there’s one thing I hate so much, it’s dust.  You won’t be surprised then, if you find me carrying a good old vacuum cleaner around the house like it was my most prized possession.


But there’s one particular type of dust which I love to bits.  It’s fairy dust. If you still don’t believe in fairies, then it’s time you believed in them now, because they do exist.


There’s this nice fellow called the Fairy Hobmother who has just sprinkled my blogs with pixie dust.  For those who still don’t know who he is, the Fairy Hobmother is someone who works over at Appliances Online, and loves making bloggers happy by giving them gifts to reward them for all the hard work they put into their blogs.


In my case, he gave me an Amazon gift card.  I couldn’t possibly be happier, as I can now get myself that freezer I have so long desired.
The Fairy Hobmother is definitely heaven sent.  If you want him to pay you a visit too, here’s what you do:
1. Leave a comment – be sure to include your blog url or other info so he can easily find you.
2. Follow the @fairyhobmother on Twitter. Leave a second comment if you do.

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