Maintaining Healthy Skin during Pregnancy

For a lot of expectant mothers, pregnancy can be the most magical experience of their lives. The sheer thought of carrying a baby and nurturing her until she is ready to make an entrance into the real world – it’s feelings like that that are truly priceless.

Being pregnant doesn’t mean that you can stop looking after yourself though. Knowing the right things to eat, the right things to do and the right times to relax will put you on the road to a successful pregnancy. Caring for your skin is only part of your daily routine as an expectant mother – body care can make a huge difference in your self esteem and confidence, and make you feel and look like the glowing mother-to-be that you are.

With a bump comes the inevitable stretch marks. If you’re not one of the lucky mothers who avoid them altogether, there are specialist creams available to try and reduce the chance of stretch marks spread across your stomach. You could just accept the marks – although they may appear quite dark to begin with, in time, they do fade to silvery wisps. Think of them as baby lines and be proud of what they represent. If you’re really unhappy with their appearance, moisturise your skin daily to help retain its elasticity. Use one of the products on the market that aim to reduce the appearance of stretch marks – be sure to choose one that suits your skin type. After all, your bump is a sensitive area whilst pregnant – especially when your baby decides she is a gymnast in the making.

Due to the massive hormonal changes you experience whilst pregnant, your skin could appear very different to normal. Some women find that their skin appears drab and flaky, possibly due an imbalance of natural oils, leading to dryness and a reduction in elasticity.

Despite the temptation to scrub the dry skin away, try and refrain. Try not to use harsh soaps because it could dry your skin out even more. Keep your body well moisturised, particularly during windy or cold weather (or, knowing our English summers, all the time). Keep the moisturiser topped up throughout the day to help replenish your skin and keep it hydrated. Chat up your fella for a massage in the evening to help relax you.

Stay hydrated, drink plenty of water and have a healthy diet and you’ll be sure to glow like any expectant mother should.


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    It is essential to eat a protein and wholesome fat-rich breakfast so as to rev up your metabolism all through the day and maintain you full until lunchtime.


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