The Pros and Cons of Having a Swimming pool

Summer frolicking, mouth-watering BBQs and refreshing relaxation; the backyard pool offers so much during those hot, sticky months when swimsuits and air-conditioning swing back into fashion. Are you thinking of adding a pool to the charm of your family home? While the benefits may jump to mind easily, there are other considerations to take into account. Below you will find a list that will help you decide once and for all whether a pool is right for you.

Pro: A Pool Adds Significant Value to your Home

backyard pool, benefits of swimming poolAs with any significant decision or lifestyle change, you only get out what you put in. Owning a pool requires time, money and organisation, but the eventual payoff can be worth it. Not only will you get to enjoy the pool yourself, but your property’s market value may increase. House buyers are willing to pay more for a house with a pool already installed; keeping in mind the overall property market at the time of selling your house, you may even cover the costs of your pool with the right buyer.

Con: Cost and Maintenance

Whether you add a pool for selling purposes or for personal benefit, there are unavoidable expenses beyond its installation. The basics of cleaning, including chlorine, automated vacuums, scooping nets and brushes, all the way through to heating mechanisms, lighting, covers and accessories are costs that cannot be skimped on, and need to be considered alongside the costs of the pool itself. Should cracks appear, drainage prove faulty, tiles need to be replaced, or maintenance tools need repairs, the added expenses of a pool can add up. For a better idea on pricing, check out specialists such as Alliance Pool Stores.

Pro: Convenience of Entertainment

Once you have installed your pool, the entertainment possibilities are limited only by your creativity. From a simple dip with the kids to a luau-themed birthday party, social gatherings, weekends and holidays become a breeze when you have a pool as a centrepiece. The little ones can practice their skills acquired in swimming lessons, while the bigger kids can get in some extra laps when swimming practice is cancelled for the week. Read a book in the sun, your toes dangling in the cool water, or take the dog in for a dip on the extra hot days. The pool can be used by anyone at any time, with the convenience of simply stepping outside, towel in hand.

Con: The Added Essentials

With convenience comes extra consideration. Picture this: you’ve got your friends around for a barbeque, everyone is chatting away, the kids are running around in the backyard and suddenly, your eldest child wants to show everyone the new pool and all the toys. Won’t you be thankful when they have to come to you for permission to unlock the gate, rather than going into the pool without supervision? Lockable fences, sometimes signage, and a practical knowledge of CPR can be priceless when making the swimming pool a safe environment for everyone.

Pro: Exercise!

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Even bobbing around in the pool, drink in hand, under the sun, is a boost for your health unlike any other. After all the safety precautions are taken—sunscreen, floaties for the inexperienced swimmer, correct supervision—the light exercise of swimming and a boost of Vitamin B can leave you feeling relaxed, rejuvenated and with a healthy glow, no matter your age, fitness or swimming ability.

While there are many things to consider when installing a pool, there are also many things to be gained; in the long run, your finances, fitness and freedom will thank you! What do you think? Will you be installing a pool in the near future?

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  1. Being able to workout in the pool is a huge pro! Working out in the pool makes your exercise more enjoyable because you are in a more relaxed setting. Thanks for sharing.

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