Ride the Tour de France: How Anyone Can Take on the Ultimate Bike Challenge

Tour de France

Stage One of Tour de France 2013

You don’t need to be a world-class cyclist (or take steroids) to complete the Tour de France. If you have the passion and dedication to conquer this ultimate bike challenge, then it’s completely in your grasp. Below we’ve listed the three general areas that you will need to prepare in.

Equipment & Training

An ordinary, run-of-the-mill bike isn’t going to get you through these grueling tracks. So make sure you grab a professional, well-equipped bike from a store like 99 Bikes . Do this as early in your preparation as you can, because you want to get comfortable and familiar with your race bike before the big event. You need to train frequently and intensely. If you push yourself about 30% harder during your training than you plan to do in the actual ride, the challenge will be just that little bit less difficult and intimidating when you get to it. Make sure to also mix up the routes you use for training and include a variety of steep climbs and tights turns to prepare yourself for some of the most difficult cycling tracks in the world. No matter how hard you push yourself on flat ground, this won’t prepare you for the steep uphill cycling that makes up a significant aspect of the Tour de France.

Exercise and Diet

If you have the time and capacity, you’ll want to add non-cycling exercise into your daily (or at least weekly) routine. Cardio, core strength, and weight training will all come in handy for boosting your general fitness and for building up the endurance that is so vital for making it to the finish line in the Tour de France. Your diet is another crucial element of preparing for this challenge. If you’re not in your best shape when you begin your training, chances are you will be by the end; to help your body on this journey, it’s important to watch what you eat. Nobody likes giving up their favourite foods, but if you can go without any high-sugar and high-fat snacks just in the lead up to the tour, you’ll reward yourself by getting the best times and results possible – well worth the temporary sacrifice!

Mental Discipline

For many people, the mind gives up on finishing a race before the body does. During your training, monitor your thoughts carefully. Every time your brain says that you can’t go any further, recognise that your body should determine whether that is true or not, and keep going. Eventually, you’ll develop the habit of pushing yourself beyond the limits that your mind places around your potential.

There are simple techniques you can work on to distract yourself from thoughts of anxiety and despair (e.g. ‘I’m not going to make it, it’s too far.’) These include concentrating completely on something simple like your breathing or leg movements. You can also practise thinking of your progress in terms of what you’ve already achieved, rather than what remains to complete (and vice versa once you hit the halfway mark).

Taking on the Tour de France challenge is a big step and you should feel proud of yourself just for entering and doing your best. Following the advice in this post should help you get to the finish line with your head held high.

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  1. I always admire sporty people and wish I’m am too. Those that are joining cycling competition like Tour de France requires a lot of hard work, discipline, training and dedication and all the competitors will have the great experience that they can get too.

  2. Agree and I would like to include another one on the list – “love” what you’re doing

  3. One of the best exercise too is biking, my brothers were cyclist and they’ve driven farther places too yet they seems to have so much fun with everything they experience as well as how they help themselves too.

  4. that is very tiring yet very fulfilling if you are the first cyclist finishing the end of the line. It takes perseverance and all the work out and fitness will pay off 🙂

  5. This kind of fitness event requires a lot of training to build your strength.

  6. how I wish I have the adrenaline! What a nice scenery for the challenge.

  7. Tour de France is one of the famous bike challenge and it really takes a lot of sacrifice and discipline to be able to survive it.

    The advices you gave can really help a lot to those who want to participate in this kind of challenge.

  8. i would say mental discipline is the first thing for me to go. coz i use to run in the morning without brekky or anything but still its all in the mind for me and I can run for 6km+. love all the tips!

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