Sex: Are You Getting Enough?

It’s another one of those especially cold and chilly nights, and you find yourself alone in bed, waiting for the phone to ring as your dear hubby is busy working his ass off in the office. This then prompts you to ask yourself if you’re getting enough sex.

With all the stuff you do at home everyday, and your husband slaving away at work, you sometimes feel that sex- or making love- has become as rare as a semi precious gem stone.

Couples all over should realize- if they don’t already- that sex is an integral part of one’s mental and physical health. During and after sex, your body releases feel-good hormones which also help strengthen the immune system. Notice how you seldom catch a cold when you’re quite active in the sack?

More than the sweaty, physical aspect of sex, the emotional bond between man and woman is all the more strengthened by the act. It’s a total experience which brings two people together.

The number of times you need to have sex will vary from person to person. Get the right dose for you, and you’re sure to give both your body and mind that much-needed workout.


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