What Style of Jeans Should I Wear?

Everyone needs the perfect pair of jeans in their wardrobe – not only are they brilliant for throwing on during the day and looking instantly awesome, but they can also be jazzed up for a classy night time look. However, finding these miracle jeans is always easier said than done. We’ve all been there; cursing and getting frustrated as we try on pair number twenty… or thirty?

Cuts of jeans - which one is right for you?

Luckily, there are actually certain types of jeans that perfectly match particular body types – therefore next time you go for the dreaded jeans shop, make the process more fruitful by searching for the cut that suits your figure.

The Hourglass
Hourglass figures know that sometimes finding jeans that fit is not the easiest feat in the world! For those who want to slim down their legs and wear fitted jeans, go for ones that are single tones rather than patterned or rippled. Different colours on the same material can make legs appear bigger than they really are. Also, three-quarter jeans that are snuggly fitted can look spectacular on a beautiful hourglass. Slim fits are your friend! This style can be found at any Universal Store near you.

Your friends may curse you for having legs for days, but you know better than anyone that it can be just as hard for tall people to find jeans as for anyone else. Try some jeans with a slight flare at the bottom to keep things looking proportionate. Also, having textured jeans (i.e. fading) complements long luscious legs.

If you’re a keen gym-goer or runner, your legs may be slightly musclier than the average inactive Joe. Again, jeans with a flared bottom are great to add some proportion. Stretch fabric that clings to the legs without sagging anywhere is great, as it will make your calves look leaner and less bulky (if that is a concern for you). You’ve worked hard for your great body; now show it off in some sexy jeans!

Curvy people have a plethora of concerns when they go shopping for jeans, which may deter people from investing in denim altogether! It either fits round the middle, but not on your legs, or the opposite. For curvy ladies who want to flaunt what their mother gave them, try a good set of boot cut jeans with a dark colouring. Also, having a high rise waist is great for fitting wider hips.

If you’re shaped more like a pencil and find that slim-fitting jeans accentuate your straight-ness, try wearing some relaxed fit boyfriend jeans. Not only are they incredibly comfortable, but they can give the illusion of curves because of their bagginess. Alternatively, straight leg pants are made for your body type, are very flattering and are great for a daytime or night time look.

Finding jeans that fit can be a struggle for every body type, but there are certain cuts that will suit the shape of your body better than others.

What cut of jeans have you found suit your figure the best?

Woman in jeans - which style is right for you?

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