Finding the Right Fleece Jacket

Winter season is almost over and soon it will be spring. Although temperatures during spring can’t be as low as in winter, we can’t ignore the biting cold of this colorful season. Most of us are already taking out our fleece jackets to protect us from the sunny, cold weather. Some of us may need to buy new ones. But how do we choose the best fleece jacket for our purpose?

Yes, there seems to be a million and one different types of fleece out there and if you do not read about it, it would be hard to make a choice. It is like hitting something blindly. But if you find the right one, it will do you well.

fleece jackets

For starters, know that there four main kinds of fleece jackets, namely Lightweight, Midweight, Heavyweight, and Windproof.

The Lightweight fleece jacket is light, from its name. It is not bulky and is highly breathable. It bridges the gap between heavy base layers and mid-layer insulation. This is perfect for use of athletes in action who generate a lot of body heat.

The Midweight fleece jacket is perhaps the most popular of all kinds of fleece because it is versatile. Most people use it as a mid-layer over an article of clothing, but another layer is placed over it. This is used in moderate temperatures. It is also breathable.

The Heavyweight fleece jacket provides the utmost warmth in cold climes, however, it can get really heavy and uncomfortable. It is usually worn as an outer layer in extremely cold weather. It is still breathable and is good for cold weather activities that do not require a lot of movement, such as camping or skiing. It can also be used a mid-layer if preferred.

The Windproof fleece jacket can be any weight, except that it has a windproof membrane inserted between two fleece layers. That is why it is less breathable than standard fleece.

Now that we have decoded fleece jackets, you will not go unarmed the next time you go to the store to get one.

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