Expressing Yourself through Music

Health, as we all know, encompasses not only the physical, but also the mental and emotional.  One of the ways to achieve the latter type of health is through self-expression.  And an effective medium for that is music.

Music comes in so many forms.  It may involve using your natural instrument- your voice- to express yourself.  Or if you’re one who hasn’t been blessed with an angelic voice, you can express yourself through playing a musical instrument.  Well, this will benefit others’ health as well, as their ears wouldn’t have to bleed listening to your not-so-stellar singing voice!

In order to effectively express yourself through a musical instrument, you should first see yourself as a musician, and not just someone who plays the guitar using dod effects.  At least, you’re learning to become one!  Think of yourself as an artist using music as your medium of expression.  Your guitar then becomes a vessel of your thoughts and emotions.

After seeing yourself as an artist, the next thing to do is to envision what you want to create.  Clearly identify what kind of music you want to make, or what message you want to put across.  Guitar players, for example, begin with improvising chords and playing around with melodies.  They keep at it until they chance upon something that sounds awesome.

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