The Underlying Causes of Drug Addiction

No one can ever predict if a person is prone to drug addiction or not. There are many underlying causes why a person is at risk of drug addiction and these include the person’s biology, social environment, and age. The more of these risk factors an individual has, the more they are susceptible to drug addiction.

When talking about biology, it is all about the person’s genes, and about half of the person’s vulnerability to drug addiction is because of their genes.

The environment is another cause why a person is into drug addiction and influences can be from family to their friends to their socioeconomic status to their quality of life in general.

A person’s age or stage of development is another cause of drug addiction. Taking drugs can lead to addiction whatever a person’s age maybe. However, the younger they ones are more prone to addiction.

If you know somebody who needs help, contact a drug rehab to get the necessary information to help him or her.

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