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10 Signs and Symptoms of Dementia


Dementia is a type of mental ailment that makes it difficult for those affected to live like just every other person. People with dementia usually struggle to think, remember simple things that they learned a few minutes ago, and relate properly with those around them.

Dementia is a mental condition that affects people that are aging and sets in when a nerve in one’s brain ceases to function as it should. While people generally experience mental deterioration while they age, the deterioration of the brain is more pronounced and rapid in people with dementia.

Contained in the article and signs of dementia. They include;

Difficulty Following Plans

One sign of dementia is struggling with following routines and sticking to a plan. This includes not being able to remember already laid down directions when driving and not being able to follow a simple recipe when cooking.

Furthermore, they might have challenges with solving simple problems.

Memory Loss

One of the most prevalent symptoms of dementia is memory loss. After just learning about something, people with dementia may struggle to remember what they just learned. This is not peculiar to a new piece of information. It includes events and dates.

People living with dementia might be incapable of remembering something after they have forgotten it. This is unlike memory loss which is age-related and people remember something after forgetting it for a while.

They Judge Time Wrongly

When someone has dementia, it might be very difficult for such a person to have a right judgment of time and place. After arriving at a destination, people living with dementia may soon forget where they are and what the time is. This is one reason they always tend to struggle with remembering events and dates.

Finding Familiar Tasks Difficult

When people have dementia, tasks that they are used to might become strange to them sometimes. Things as easy as operating their PC, altering the settings on their television and getting to a destination they have visited severally might suddenly become difficult to carry out. This difficulty is not restricted to any situation. It could happen in various situations both at work and at home.

Difficulties Writing and Speaking

The difficulties associated with dementia and cognitive abilities go beyond being unable to read properly. In addition to having challenges reading, people with dementia have difficulties speaking and writing. Due to the difficulties they have with speaking, they might struggle while conversing. This struggle with conversations might make them forget what another person just said, as well as what they said some minutes before.

Furthermore, such things as spelling, punctuation, and grammar which they mastered in the past start getting terrible.

They Find Visual Information Challenging

Such things as telling the difference between two colors, having a perfect judgment of distance, and reading which is simple for the average person to carry out can be very challenging for people with dementia. 

As soon as one starts experiencing dementia, activities such as driving and cycling which are supposed to be simple become very challenging. 


People with dementia sometimes become anti-social. This is sometimes because of the way others in society treat them. Other times, they simply become uninterested in what is going on around them. 

Poor Judgment

People living with dementia find it difficult to have a good understanding of what is reasonable. This is the reason they end up making the wrong decisions and buying goods for more than what they are worth. In addition to this, they seem to lack the ability to keep themselves clean.

Forgetting the Position of Things

The challenge of forgetting things easily which lots of people with dementia have to live with does not end at just forgetting the destination of places, dates, and events. It also includes forgetting the position of objects. Due to this, you might always find people with dementia looking for their car keys, television remote, and lots of other things which they use on a daily basis.

Personality Changes

Personality changes and mood swings are a major symptom exhibited by people with dementia. They can suddenly go from being excited to being depressed. This change in personality and mood sometimes makes them act inappropriately. Other times, it makes them withdraw from society.



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