While stroke more commonly affects people that have gotten to a certain age, it is an ailment that can affect people when they least expect and when they feel all is well. Although lots of people are of the opinion that strokes show up very suddenly, the truth is stroke does not just show up. It usually has warning signs. However, a lot of people ignore these warning signs because they are not aware that these are signs experienced just before a stroke. If you are looking to know the signs of a stroke, you are on the right page. This article contains some signs and symptoms of a stroke.

Finding it Difficult to Comprehend

Difficulty in comprehending language and speech can be a signal of lots of occurrences and one of them is a stroke. So, if you find yourself having any form of difficulty in understanding speech as well as a language that you have always understood, there is a likelihood that you will soon be down with stroke and will need to see your doctor to avoid such occurrence. 


When people are about to be affected by stroke, they might have a lot of difficulty focusing and might find making decisions a lot more complicated than they have always done. This occurs because as the likelihood of one to be down with a stroke increases, such a person begins to experience difficulty in being totally aware of their immediate environment.

Poor Coordination

The loss of balance is usually an early warning sign that you are about to have a stroke. If you notice someone around you always grabbing into objects that are stationary or wobbling around, they should pay a doctor a visit as there is a likelihood that they are about to be affected by a stroke.

Severe Headaches

Headaches occur due to many reasons. Some of these reasons are a blow to the head, extreme stress, etc. While there should always be a reason for headaches to occur, if you begin experiencing severe pain in the neck, scalp, and head for no real reason, this is a sign that a stroke might be approaching and you need to visit the doctor.


Dizziness is a sign of lots of sicknesses and stroke is one of these sicknesses. You might be close to having a stroke if you begin feeling lightheaded and also feel like passing out very frequently. This feeling can be likened to being drunk without consuming any alcohol.


There are times parts of the body feel numb due to various factors such as staying in a position for a long time. When numbness happens because of staying in a position for long, it can be said to be perfectly normal. However, there are times numbness is felt in the body for no real cause. This feeling of numbness could be a sign of many things. One of them is a stroke.

If people around you are about to be affected with stroke, you will notice them always massaging parts of their body that feel numb.

Walking with Difficulty

When people with perfect gaits begin struggling to walk, it is a sign that they might be having a stroke very soon. While there could be lots of reasons while people have difficulty walking, if one is beginning to trip without anything being in their way, they just might be close to having a stroke.

Difficulty Speaking

While there are people that have always had some difficulty expressing themselves orally, if you suddenly start having difficulty expressing talking and notice your speech is slurred, a stroke might be approaching. To avoid having finally having a stroke, once you notice any of these symptoms, you have to visit your doctor for a checkup.


After going through a hectic day or being sick for a while, it is not out of place to feel weak. However, if you feel weak in your arms, legs, and the sides of your body for no known reason, it is a sign that you might soon have a stroke. 

Changes in Vision

When your vision starts getting blurred and you find yourself always having to squint before being able to read, there is a likelihood that a stroke is approaching and you should visit a doctor immediately.


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