Depression is an ailment that has always existed. It, however, does not get the same attention physical ailments get because it cannot be seen. This is a reason a lot of people are depressed without being aware.

Contained in this article are signs which indicate you might be depressed. 

You Constantly Run out of Energy

When people are depressed, they usually get fatigued easily. This happens for so many reasons. Some of these reasons are they are unable to sleep well, they lose appetite and spend a lot of time thinking. All these activities individually and collectively can drain people of energy.

You Feel Down Very Frequently

It is perfectly normal to feel down every once in a while. However, if you begin feeling hopeless and sad now and then and are unable to go about your daily activities in the way you should, this might just be an indication that you are depressed. While the feeling of always being down and hopeless is a major symptom of depression, lots of people go through this without having the slightest idea that they are actually depressed.

A Major Change in Your Appetite 

When people are depressed, they do not just withdraw from people, they also undergo drastic changes in their appetites. If you discover you are beginning to eat a lot more than usual or you now eat less than you would on a normal day, you just might be going through depression. According to Yvonne Thomas, PhD, a psychologist based in Los Angeles, there is a huge likelihood that you will not remember to eat or make your meals if you are occupied with lots of negative thoughts.

You Get Easily Agitated

One major sign of depression is being easily irritated. If you discover that things that you would normally not consider to be anything start irritating you, then, chances are you are depressed. This increased agitation occurs because of extreme hormonal swings. Furthermore, having a lot in your mind can also make you easily agitated.

You Sleep Too Little or Too Much

Various people exhibit depression in different ways. Some people begin sleeping more often than they normally do when they are depressed. Others begin sleeping less than they normally do when they begin batting with depression. 

When people are depressed, sometimes, they get more tired than they normally do and this might lead them to spend more time in bed than they normally would. Furthermore, in addition to the fact they depressed people spend more time in bed because they are getting tired easily, they also spend a lot of time sleeping as it helps them to get away from whatever is troubling them temporarily.

You Don’t Enjoy Your Most Loved Activities Anymore

Are you beginning to lose interest in things that you once looked forward to with a lot of ecstasies? If yes, you might need to book an appointment with your doctor as you might be battling with depression.  When people are depressed, they lose interest in the things they love and prefer staying alone.

You Feel Worthless

When you begin to feel you are not good enough or not as good as others too frequently, you are most likely slipping into depression. That is if you are not depressed already.

You find it Difficult to Focus

A lack of concentration is a major signal that you might be depressed. If you discover that you are beginning to forget about deadlines and that sadness and other negative thoughts are beginning to take the place of things that are a part of your routine so you don’t remember them easily anymore, you might need to see a psychologist as this is one sign that you are depressed.

You Are Extremely Anxious

When one is always excessively anxious, such a person might be going through an anxiety disorder. Also, being consistently anxious might be a sign of depression. When people are depressed, they are known to feel anxious and also to have a panic attack.

You Think about Death more frequently

You might need to talk to a professional if you find yourself always thinking about death, how to end your life, and how people around you will feel if you die.


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