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10 Signs & Symptoms of Diabetes


Diabetes is famous as a complicated disease that kills its victim very silently. While it might not exactly be the deadliest of diseases, one reason why it appears difficult to manage is a lot of people are usually unaware that they have diabetes until things really get bad.

If you are looking to avoid the unfortunate events associated with diabetes, it is important that you are aware of signs that you have diabetes. This way, you can get the right treatment before things get out of hand.

Read on to discover signs that you have diabetes.

You visit the bathroom more frequently

If you find yourself visiting the bathroom more often than you should, there is a huge likelihood that you have diabetes. Averagely, people visit the bathroom between four to seven times a day. While there are times this number could be more, people suffering from diabetes have to visit the bathroom a lot more than seven times daily. This occurs because the body is making efforts to pass out excess glucose through the production of more urine.

You feel thirsty more frequently

 It is not a break from the norm for people affected by diabetes to feel thirsty more frequently than the average person. Although this feeling can be mistaken for the need to quench thirst, it does not stop even when you drink lots of water.

An increase in appetite

The process of digestion involves the conversion of food into glucose. Once this conversion takes place, the cells in the body can depend on this glucose as an energy source. In a situation in which the body refuses to produce insulin or fails to respond to the presence of insulin, it becomes impossible for glucose to find its way into the cells from the blood. This is one reason people suffering from diabetes always have the urge to eat more.

Having itchy skin

One of the major symptoms of diabetes is dehydration. While the dehydration that is associated with diabetes can make people always have the urge to drink water, it also causes the skin to be dry and itchy. This sometimes occurs because the body passes out lots of water in the form of urine. 

Feeling drowsy or tired

There are lots of reasons one can feel very tired. Some of these reasons are not getting enough sleep and working too hard. While these reasons are some of the most popular reasons people get extremely tired, being affected by diabetes can be a major reason why you feel tired very often. If you discover you still remain tired even after taking time to rest and relax, it is vital that you pay a doctor a visit as this just might be caused by diabetes.

It Becomes Difficult For Cuts to Heal

If the blood sugar stays high for long, it can make it difficult for cuts to heal properly. If you have a wound that is refusing to heal, you might have diabetes and might need to see your doctor.

Blurred Vision

One indication that you need to get a new pair of glasses is blurred vision. While blurred vision is an indication that you need glasses, it could also be an indication that you have diabetes. This happens because diabetes causes swellings in the lenses of the eyes due to changing fluid levels. When this occurs, you are not able to focus your lenses properly even though your eyes are not exactly bad.

Feeling Numbness or Pain in Your feet or leg

When a nerve gets damaged, it is sometimes expressed in the form of numbness in the legs and feet. It sometimes occurs when blood sugar level stays high for longer than normal. In addition to causing numbness, damage to the nerve can cause pain in the feet.

Extreme weight Gain or Loss

When people suffer from type 1 diabetes, they might gain or lose weight very rapidly without making any effort. 

Yeast Infection

Yeast infection is an indication that one has diabetes. The reason for this is an environment with excess sugar is usually an ideal place for yeasts to thrive.



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