Pancreatic cancer has been dubbed the silent killer for years because of its way to sneak up on somebody, and then spread into other forms of cancer. Most sufferers of pancreatic cancer don’t even know they have it because it’s hard to detect, and most often, it can be harder to correct. However, there are many signs that you can look for and symptoms of pancreatic cancer that can help you possibly catch it in time. We’re going to cover those in this guide.

Yellow Skin

Jaundice is no laughing matter, and can be caused by numerous health problems, but it’s more commonly associated with cancer because bile can build up in your blood and be dispersed throughout your body, causing your skin and eyes to turn a yellow color. No, this doesn’t mean that just because you were born with olive skin that you have cancer though.

Stomach Ache

Your pancreas is located in your lower abdomen, and the pain that pancreatic cancer causes is often dispersed to your back. Sometimes the pain can come and go, while other times it is more persistent.

Chronic Back Pain

While you may normally be able to have back pain and take something to ease it, over time, the pain associated with pancreatic cancer gets worse, and sometimes it can be downright crippling. If you start to experience increasing pain like this, especially if you have a family history for cancer, you may want to get into the doctor as soon as possible.

Unsettling Fullness

Sometimes feeling like your full after just having a couple bites of food, or getting severe bloating in your abdomen can sometimes be associated with pancreatic cancer.

Nausea and Vomiting

This is a common sign of many forms of cancer, but primarily pancreatic cancer. Don’t think that just because you have a stomach bug that you have it, but if it is persistent, you may want to go to your doctor immediately, as it could be a plethora of problems including pancreatic cancer. If combined with other things in this list, you may want to immediately answer to be tested for cancer.

High Blood Sugar Levels

While this is often just a form of diabetes, it is also common for pancreatic cancer sufferers to have this symptom combined with other things in this list present at the same time.

Weight Loss

If you notice that your weight starts to rapidly decrease, this can also be caused by pancreatic cancer, especially if you’ve had no other reasons to lose the weight. Consider getting to your doctor immediately.

Constantly Being Thirsty and Frequently Urinating

If you feel like you can’t quench your thirst, and continuously are peeing, this may not just be just a sign of a weak bladder – this may be a rare form of pancreatic cancer that is caused by having excess glucagon in your body. This is often associated with rapid weight loss and diarrhea as well.

Excessive Ulcers, Acid Reflux and Weight Loss Constantly

This can also be a rare form of pancreatic cancer that you may want to look into and it’s caused by having excess gastrin in your stomach and digestive tract. When combined with other things in this list, you can actually be in more advanced stages, so you’ll want to have those ruled out immediately.

Family History of Cancer

Anytime you have a family history of cancer at all, you want to have yourself tested at your target age. For men, most of them are tested for rectal cancer, pancreatic cancer, and other forms at the age of 40, but you may actually want to look into getting tested before that, possibly at the age of 30, if you have any family members in your immediate family that have suffered from cancer.

Conclusion: My Stomach Hurts. Does this Mean I Have Cancer?

Contrary to the context of this article, you may want to make sure that you actually are suffering from cancer. You need to know that just because you have a tummy ache, this doesn’t mean that you’re suffering from cancer. Even if you have ulcers that bleed, or other things, you need to get it ruled out, but it doesn’t mean that you have pancreatic cancer. 

The best thing you can do is go to your primary care physician and voice your concerns, have the proper blood tests done to check your levels, white cell count, and even go through advanced tests to find out if you have problems. If you have any of these problems, and end up contracting a form of jaundice by any means, or even unexplainable weight loss, you need to see your physician immediately though, as this is a predominant sign of pancreatic cancer, and possibly one of the best warning signs there is.


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