These days, there are actually more cases of people trying to conceive a baby, and less actual pregnancies that last. Part of this reason is because when you first get pregnant, many people don’t know it, and thus they don’t end up getting the proper care that they need to take care of that little “peanut” in their tummies. That’s why we’re writing this though. If you pay attention to these twelve different signs, you may be able to notice that you’re pregnant a little early, be prompted to take a test early, and then get the help you need. Of course, this isn’t a failsafe, but it may help you know that you’re pregnant before you actually end up missing “Aunt Flow’s visit”.

Missing Your Monthly

This is of course one of the first signs of pregnancy, and while you may have small bleeding known as implantation bleeding around the date of your period, this doesn’t mean that you’re pregnant. Nor does it mean you’re not. If you notice only a light bit of spotting that only lasts about a day (or less), and happens before your period is supposed to be there, you may actually be pregnant afterwards.

The Dreaded Morning Sickness

This is one of the other most common signs, and it can actually happen as early as five weeks into pregnancy. By the middle of the first trimester though, almost anyone who is pregnant has bouts of morning sickness and nausea regularly.

Your Breasts are Sore and Tender

While this can also be an indicator of your menstrual cycle coming on, this is something that you’ll notice, especially at the beginning of a pregnancy. As your breasts prepare your milk glands, you’ll notice that your veins will be more visible and your nipples may get darker. This unfortunately often leads to your breasts being more sensitive.

Weak Bladder

For those who are parents already, they know that as you have a baby pushing on your bladder, you urinate more. However, you actually will start to urinate more due to hormone changes, and this can start extremely early in your pregnancy as well.

Constant Fatigue

This is something that you’ll notice during early pregnancy. Your body’s internal clock is working ten times harder to get ready for the bundle of joy to come, so when you’re in your first trimester, your balance is going to be thrown off, which is why it’s important to increase nutrition, get better sleep (or try to – we’ll talk about that soon), and get normal amounts of healthy exercise (not over-exert yourself).

Food Cravings

This actually can happen early on in pregnancy. The downside? While this happens later in pregnancy, you may not have morning sickness as much, but during early pregnancy when morning sickness is more common, you’ll actually have a hard time getting to enjoy your food because you can’t keep it down.

Problems Sleeping

The real problem that most women suffer from isn’t that they can’t sleep mentally, but they actually have a harder time getting comfortable because of their bodily changes, and may experience many restless nights, even before they miss their periods.

Mood Swings

You think a period is bad when it comes to hormones? You haven’t met Mother Earth yet… These mood swings can greatly alter your relationships, and cause other problems, like uncontrollable crying (for absolutely no reason). Fortunately, there’s help for those, and you don’t have to feel bad if you need it. Pregnancy can also cause problems with other psychological issues, like depression, increased anxiety, and even affect those severely that suffer bipolar disorder.


This can actually happen a lot as your body is changing. Be sure that you get enough iron, protein, and other ingredients in your diet to help keep anemia from happening. And remember to always take your prenatal, calcium, vitamin D, and folic acid.

Cramping Like Crazy

You can actually have cramping that is very similar to menstruation even when you’re not bleeding. If you aren’t bleeding, and you miss your period, but are experiencing cramps, you may want to consider getting a test.

Frequent Headaches

This is a common sign of pregnancy as well due to hormones. You can actually see what safe medicines you can take over the counter to help with this.

Sinus Problems

If you’re late getting your period to come to you, and start to have congestion of the sinuses, this can also be an early sign of pregnancy that many people often don’t think about. Your blood supply is rapidly increasing, and it can cause your sinus passages and cavities to swell.


Many of these signs go hand in hand with one another. Don’t think that just because you have a cold that you may be pregnant. However, if you’re missing your period, have sensitive breasts, can’t get comfortable, and have sinus congestion all at once, you may want to go to the store and buy an early pregnancy test, or get a blood test from a doctor to find out if you’re pregnant.


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