There are lots of organs in the body and all these organs are really important. The kidneys are some of the organs in the body and can be said to be one of the most vital organs in the body. The kidney does a lot of work in keeping us healthy and this is one reason it has to always be in the best state possible. There are lots of ways to keep the kidneys healthy and one of them is through the use of herbs. Below are some herbs that can be trusted to keep the kidneys healthy.


Ginger is popular as a spice which makes foods very tasty. While it plays its role as a spice perfectly, it is a lot more than a spice. It is an herb that can be used in treating kidney infections.

Ginger contains an active compound known as Gingerol. Due to the presence of Gingerol in ginger, this herb can be said to be excellent in the treatment of kidney infections. This compound works against the spread and the growth of bacteria in the kidney. It is an antibacterial agent and carries out its function in the kidney perfectly. 

Dandelion Root

Dandelion root is very beneficial to the health for lots of reasons. One of them is it can play an active role in cleansing the kidney. If you think your kidney is working too hard in taking out toxins and you think it will be great to reduce its workload, one way you can get this done is by taking Dandelion root. To make use of this herb in cleansing your kidney, you will have to take it in the form of tea. This should be done three times every day.


Nettles is not just a natural detoxifier, it is also rich in Vitamin C, is a diuretic and has a reputation for cleansing the blood. By taking this herb regularly, you can help the kidney pass out extra fluids. To get the best from the use of this herb, you should take it three times every day, also, it should be drunk like tea.


Tumeric is usually used as a spice. It, however, is more than just a spice. While lots of people are aware of the fact that can make meals tasty, there is a lot it can do that many people are not aware of. Tumeric has an active ingredient which is known as curcumin. This active ingredient works against the spread, as well as the growth of microorganisms. This way it can maintain the kidney in a healthy state.  Tumeric should be taken as a supplement.

Celery Root

Celery root is one herb that can be trusted to help bring an increase in the secretion of urine. This implies that when it is used the right way, celery root can help cleanse your kidney. It is a great tonic for the kidneys. The reason for this is it has a huge potassium content which goes a long way in keeping the kidney clean and free from toxins.


The herb Cranberry should not be mistaken for Cranberry juice that is full of sugar. It is a wonder herb that can help people suffering from urinary tract infections get better. When looking to make use of cranberry, to get the best out of this root, it is vital that you take cranberry extract. This does not come with a particular does. You are, therefore, free to make use of it as often as you think you need to.


Garlic is perhaps more popular for its funny smell and taste than for any other reason. In addition to having a smell and taste that a lot of people are not comfortable with, garlic is used as a spice when cooking. While being used as a spice can be said to be a good thing, there is more to this herb. 

Garlic is rich in allicin which possesses anti fungi, anti-bacteria, and anti-inflammatory abilities. These, therefore, make garlic a great herb that every one that is interested in cleansing their kidneys has to take advantage of. To get the best out of the use of garlic in cleansing your kidney, you do not have to take it in juice form. All you need to do is make it a regular part of your diets.


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