Prediabetes is a blood sugar level in which your blood sugar levels are strangely high. Once your glucose levels reach that certain peak on a regular basis, it is considered that you have diabetes. However, prediabetes isn’t far from it, and it usually just a precursor to diabetes. With that being said, you need to have the proper buildup of insulin production in your body. Our bodies are supposed to process sugars into energy at a healthy pace with the production of insulin, but even they have their limits on just how much insulin our bodies make. So what are the symptoms of prediabetes? Well, we’re going to cover 7 symptoms that you should never ignore to keep your blood healthy.

Rapid Weight Gain

One of the highest causes in the world is obesity when it comes to being at risk for both prediabetes and diabetes type 2. With that being said, the more belly fat you have, the higher chances you have at becoming a diabetic because your body produces less insulin and being resistant to it. Unfortunately, this condition can also cause a lot more problems including being at higher risk of a heart attack, heart disease, and even a stroke.

High Blood Pressure

Having high blood pressure on a regular basis is another thing that can put you at an increased risk of both of the above unfortunate blood sugar problems. When you’re hypertensive and you develop prediabetes, they go hand in hand at also causing even more heart problems.

Dark Skin Areas

One thing that should never be under looked is if you start to develop darkened skin patches on your neck, armpits, or other areas where your skin is naturally thin at. This can often mean a lot more than just a tan or melanoma – it is a way that your body is showing signs of becoming more and more insulin resistant and while it is also a sign of diabetes type 2, it is also a symptom of prediabetes that should never be ignored either, so you should get into a doctor as quickly as possible.

Blurred Vision

While you may have problems that aren’t the cause of diabetes itself, both diabetes as well as prediabetes can actually cause problems with your eyesight, causing your pupils to improperly dilate, which may cause symptoms of tunnel vision, blurred vision, and much more.

It’s Not a Tapeworm

If you have an extremely high appetite and feel that you need to constantly eat, this can actually be a sign of prediabetes as well. Because your body is insulin resistant if you have diabetes or prediabetes, your insulin doesn’t work like it should so you constantly feel hungry.

Fatigue Comes Quick

Fatigue is no laughing matter. This can be the symptom of numerous health problems, including a heart attack. But if you’re not getting the right fuel from your food, then you’re going to get quickly exhausted from any little thing.

You are Extremely Thirsty

Most people get thirsty, and this is a part of natural hydration when our bodies are slightly dehydrated. There is a saying that states that if you’re feeling thirsty, that’s your body’s way of telling you it’s already dehydrated and that you need to fix it. But if you are thirstier than you should be, or continue to be thirsty, especially after a meal, then you may be suffering from prediabetes as your blood glucose levels increase.


While you may not necessarily be the victim of full blown diabetes if you’re prediabetic, you may have similar spikes of sugar in your blood that can cause numerous health problems, and even problems functioning throughout your day to day life. When someone who has prediabetes or diabetes has blood sugar that is too high, it can also impact your cognitive abilities to speak, listen, write, and even think. Having diabetes is no laughing matter, but prediabetes is right along this spectrum as well, and all of the above signs should not be ignored. Also, don’t forget that diabetes is also hereditary, so depending on your family’s history, this can just put you at an added risk.


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