Fight Fat with these Five Foods

When you think about losing weight, it’s natural that your first thoughts might be about doing more exercise and going on the dreaded ‘diet.’

Being active is always great for keeping fit and maintaining a healthy weight, but there’s a very big difference between going on a diet and having a healthy one.

Dieting is temporary, and so are its results.

To lose weight and keep it off in the long run, you need to make your meals work for you and one of the easiest ways to do that is to make smarter food choices and eat plenty of those which naturally burn fat.

Yes – you read that right, some foods actually burn fat!

To maximise the results of any weight loss program you embark on, include these five foods in your daily diet and get those stubborn kilos, gone for good:

Chia Seeds

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These tiny seeds are packed with fibre, protein and omega-3 and are thought to stabilise blood sugars and reduce cholesterol. They help to boost your metabolism and get your glucagon hormone, the one responsible for burning fat, kick-started.

Chia seeds are versatile enough to use in all sorts of recipes, from salads to puddings, so go nuts (or should we say seeds!) and add them to your favourite dishes.


Anyone who tries to convince you that this green fruit (yes, fruit, not vegetable) is fattening, is either a fool or has shares in a burger chain. Ignore them.

The monosaturated fat in avocadoes is the good kind. It actually helps to plump up cell membranes and block fat-storing hormones while its other nutritional contents help your body to absorb the goodness from other foods and make you feel fuller for longer.

Slice them up in salads or wraps, or mash them up with lime and coriander for a fresh and tasty guacamole.

Chilli Peppers

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Hot peppers contain capsaicin, a natural compound that heats your body up and as your body responds to cool you down, it literally melts calories.

Try adding fresh, powdered, dried chillies or hot sauce to your cooked meals and salads.

Whole Grains

Foods which are rich in fibrelike brown rice, oatmeal and even popcorn (as long as it’s not coated in caramel!) give your digestive system a real workout.

They help to keep your gut healthy and while it’s working hard, it’s burning calories too. Bonus!

Green Tea

You need a drink to wash all that goodness down and a scientific study by The American Journal of American Nutrition found that green tea has a thermogenic effect, which means that it burns calories efficiently.

Aim to drink four or more cups a day and if you find it a little bitter, add a squeeze of lemon juice to sweeten the taste, boost your immune system and aid digestion.

To find out more about fat-burning foods and how to squish them into your diet to be healthier or lose weight, become a member of Curves and you’ll get great advice on nutrition and meal planners that make it easy.

Perfect Your Office Outfit with Winser

Which clothes do you invest more time and money in, items for work or for your life beyond the office?

In an ideal world, piecing together the perfect office outfit would be far less important than how well you actually do your job but like it or not, your professional appearance matters and getting it right, could be the difference between making or breaking your career.  

Thankfully, the eponymous fashion house of Kim Winser, OBE, is on hand to make the working woman’s office outfit easy to perfect.

The Winser London range is all about understated, classic, feminine “desk to dancefloor” clothing which is ideal for the office and your life outside of it.

Here are just a few key pieces from their collection that make the perfect office ensemble:


winser, tuxedo trousers, trousers

Tuxedo trousers

Slim-fitting Tuxedo trousers come a choice of black, nude, camel or red and teamed with a suit jacket and flats or heels, make for a smart and powerful look in any boardroom.

For a slightly less formal yet equally professional look, opt for wide-leg Palazzo Pants in black. These versatile trousers are made from a fluid jersey fabric which drapes and moves beautifully. Pair them with a pair of flats and a jacket or cashmere twin-set.

Either pair of these trousers can instantly be transformed for post-work glamour with a strapless or halter-neck top and some statement jewellery.


A dress is the ultimate feminine fashion piece and if you only ever buy one for the office, make it the Winser Miracle Dress.

winser, miracle dress

Miracle Dress

This cleverly tailored dress is both feminine and functional and strikes just the right chord for a professional image.

The gently scooped neckline, ¾ length sleeves and below-the-knee hemline combined with delicate waistline pleating flatters all body shapes and lets you stride into any conference with confidence.

Select yours from a choice of colours including black, dove grey, Hollywood red and midnight or Winser blue. It works as a complete office outfit in the summer but can be teamed with a smart jacket or scarf in cooler months.

If you prefer skirts, then Winser also stock the Miracle Pencil Skirt which is made from the same Ponte de Roma jersey stretch fabrics for a flattering and comfortable fit.


silk top, winser,

Silk Top

As long as you avoid see-through fabrics or anything too low-cut, a top is perhaps the easiest item of your work wardrobe to get right.

But, if you want to look and feel confident, successful and feminine, then Winser’s Silk Shirt is a must-have. With a sharp collar, two front pockets and optional cufflink fastenings, this luxurious and delicate shirt works equally well with trousers or a skirt.

Like the majority of Winser’s collection, this shirt is available in muted tones which flatter all skin shades and which complement items of clothing in almost any other colour, giving you a versatile mix and match wardrobe that you can wear anywhere.

Any of these items will keep you comfortable without compromising your credibility but perhaps more importantly, every piece in the Winser collection is timeless, so you’re free to focus on work in luxurious style, in any season.

For more advice on elegant fashionable lines that you can wear anywhere, or to explore the rest of the Winser London’s womenswear range, visit their website or any of their boutique pop-up stores in Harvey Nichols, Peter Jones, Rossiters of Bath and selected branches of John Lewis.

Are Your Sunglasses Right For You?

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Dermatologists recommend that people wear sunblock cream or lotion whenever they go outdoors. This summer, you can take this step a notch higher by getting fashionably protected with a gorgeous pair of sunglasses. These hot fashion items can make you look good while protecting your eyes and the sensitive skin around it against the harmful UV rays. You can easily get a pair of stylish sunglasses from the mall or even a convenience store. The question is, are these sunglasses right for you?

Style is not the only consideration in choosing the perfect sunglasses. You also need to think about the main purpose of your sunglasses or the activities that you will be having for the day. A typical pair of designer glasses may be great for trips to the mall or the office but you may need better protection for sports and other outdoor activities.

There are three components that you have to consider when buying sunglasses, the frame, lens, and tint.

Eye wear frames come in different shapes, sizes, and materials. Plastic frames are preferred options for outdoor and casual affairs while metal frames are ideal for formal situations. For your best look, find a frame that flatters your face shape. Angular frames work best for those with round shaped face while frames with soft lines and rimless edges can flatter square shaped faces.

Just like sunblock cream, you are better off with lens that offer complete UVA/UVB protection. Your best options are those that comply with ANSI Z80.3 blocking requirements and lenses that offer UV 400 protection. There are also polarized lenses that provide added protection for people who are likely to be exposed to glares that reflect from the snow or water. Those who are used to wearing prescription eyewear may also want to get prescription sunglasses for good measure.

When it comes to choosing the tint of your lenses, darker tints does not necessarily mean better protection. You may choose any tint you want for your sunglasses as long as you are aware of its effect on your color perception. Brown, gray, and green tints on your lenses offer the least distortion in color perception compared to yellow and red ones.

What can Makeup Do to You

Makeup can help your regain your confidence after an injury or severe burns change the way that you look. It can also help cover blemishes on your skin when you are on television. Actors, news anchors and political officials generally have makeup applied before they go in front of the camera to make them look as good as possible.

makeup, applying makeup, uses of makeup

The use of makeup can be beneficial to those who want to enhance their natural skin tone or experiment with different looks. Someone who wants to look mysterious may decide to paint his or her nails black as well as apply black eyeliner. Those who want to look bright and cheery may apply red lipstick or warm colored eye shadow.

Wearing makeup can make the person wearing it appear older. Many teenage girls long for the day when they can wear makeup because it makes them feel like an adult. When children are young, they may dress up by putting on their mother’s makeup. In some cases, young boys will do this too because they want to imitate what they see their mother’s doing.

Makeup application products like the ones found at TemptuPro and other cosmetic retailers can make it easy to put your makeup on during the day. If you are pressed for time or always want to look your best, products such as these can help you accomplish that goal.

Whatever the reason for putting on makeup, make sure that the products are of best quality. Also, proper skin care should always be observed when using these items to avoid harming our selves.

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Trendy Summer Shades for Your Tips

Nail care is an important hygienic exercise that can also enhance your look. However, it doesn’t have to be as boring as your morning routine. You can have fun exploring different nail colors to match your outfits or expressing your artistic side through nail art. Those who would like to have trendy nails this season can check out the hottest hues in nail polish color for 2014.

summer nail colors, nail colors for summer, nail polish colors

This season’s palette brings nudes, pastels, bright and dark shades as well as metallic tones in your polish. Nudes that create a fresh polished look for the tips exude simple elegance for everyday activities. Top shades for this trend include pale pink, soft beige, or very light yellow. Find one that compliments your natural skin tone to help you get the best effect. Those who would like to add color to their tips while maintaining a fresh feminine vibe can check out these pastel picks for the season. Green, lilac, and pink are perfect matches for your spring and summer wardrobe.

summer nail colors, nail colors 2014, summer 2014, nail colors for summer

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Bright and dark nail polish colors help add drama to your nails for special occasions. Orange, blue, and brown are three of the trendiest options that you can add to your list. Check out Mirabella from Chanel Le Vernis Nail Colour for a flame orange shade that can make your nails look hot any day. Those who would like to take the brown route can try the Hi-Shine Nail Lacquer in Bark from Marc Jacobs and Fierce, No Fear polish from Essie’s summer 2014 collection.

The cool shade of blue is at the top of the nail polish color trend, be it pastel, dark, or bright. The Blue Orchid from Deborah Lippman, Love Nuit D’Azur from Lancome Vernis, Kayla from Julep Nail Polish, Super Powered from Revlon’s Electric Chrome Collection, and OPI Limited Edition Euro Centrale Nail Lacquer Collection can be your trendy acquisitions this summer.

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