3 Gifting Ideas to Enhance a Loved One’s Birthday

Planning a birthday for a loved one? There are tons of gift ideas on the web, and the best ones are from a birdie. But if you’re looking for some original gifting concepts to make that birthday extra special, you’ll love some of these ideas! The birthday boy or girl will appreciate the extra thought you put into the planning because the point of these ideas is making it all about them. You won’t find these ideas anywhere else, so get ready for some true originality.

1. Attach a theme to the gifting process

A party theme is always a great idea, but what about adding a theme to the gifts too? If your loved one can enjoy their passion or hobby together with their birthday, just think how special they’ll feel!

Call up all your guests and inform them of your theme. Ask them to stick to that theme when coming up with gift ideas. For instance, if your loved one is a comic book fan you can ask guests to stick to comic books, graphic novels or action figures.

Hint: For those guests who already have other gifts in mind, ask them to purchase superhero themed birthday cards to keep the theme strong.

2. Fun with present pool or present darts

Making gifting a game can be loads of fun. Two great ways to do this is with classic bar games. Best of all, you can take your party to an establishment that has these games available if you don’t have them in your own home.

– Gift pool: This one is simple and lots of fun. Attach a color to each gift and get your birthday boy/girl to shoot some pool. Every time a ball sinks the present attached to that color is opened.

Hint: If two or more balls are sunk in one shot, a fun bonus prize can be awarded. If a shot is missed, a funny ‘punishment’ can be administered.

– Gift darts: A similar concept is to attach a number to each gift. Let your loved one work for his or her gifts by hitting certain targets and opening a gift upon success.

Hint: You can attach fun prizes or ‘punishments’ to other numbers; e.g. having to sing karaoke with one of the guests or drinking a shot (if age-appropriate).

3. Mix gifting with charades

Here’s a fun one. Why not make your loved one guess what gift they are about to open? The guest who bought the gift can use charades to explain what the gift is, or you could use cryptic clues to make it a bit more challenging.

Hint: Put a time limit on the guessing game and come up with a funny punishment (involving your

guests) if there are no correct guesses.

These are the kinds of parties people don’t forget. There’s loads of fun to be had and each of these games are guaranteed to generate loads of laughter for everyone involved. Enjoy!

Company outings

When was the last time you had a company funded vacation for your department?  I understand it’s not cheap, and doesn’t always fit the budget of most companies.  But people need this rest and recreation time.

Enjoying these moments with co-workers make for new friendships and strengthen bonds among colleagues.  It relieves stress, and serves as a sign that their hard work is appreciated.  The fact that they don’t have to spend anything during this time is also a great thing.

Companies should find ways to make this available for their people.  Proper corporate event planning should help in making costs minimal, and get the best deals for the company.

Mixing It Up

Are you planning on holding a small cocktail party at your house?  Try these few simple tips on making a simple get-together memorable.

Dress nicely.  Cocktail parties are a tad more formal than meeting at your local bar, so look a bit more respectable.

Make your home presentable.  Please don’t let guests see your dirty socks lying around.

Get some nice music going.  Play a classical tune in the background. But if you need a little more festive air, modern music is fine.

Let the liquor flow.  It wouldn’t be a cocktail party without the cocktails, right? Hire a bartender to make fantastic mixers for you!

Let the party begin!

Music Lover’s Delight

As an audiophile, I find it really enjoyable to attend live performances when I can.  It gives you that great feeling of being around other people who appreciate the power of music.  It doesn’t even have to be in a big concert hall or large arenas.

You can find some easy listening music on local bars around the city.  Sometimes in small stages in shopping areas and malls.

Good musicians only need their instruments and a marvelous guitar amp to perform and entertain.  Before you know it, you find yourself stopping and listening, swaying side to side and singing along.

Don’t be embarrassed, I’m sure other people were doing the same thing.

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