It is common knowledge that kidney disease is very dangerous. Although a lot of people live with this disease, not many people are aware that their kidneys are bad. They only become aware when things are beginning to get out of hand.

 Kidney disease comes with lots of indications and it is vital to know what these signs are as this is the first step to treating yourself if you are down with kidney disease.

That being said, let’s look through 10 signs you may have kidney disease.

You Feel Like Urinating More Frequently

While it is perfectly normal to urinate more frequently when the temperature is low and when you take a lot of water, the urge to urinate more frequently than you should can be a symptom of the kidney being diseased. This is even more pronounced when this urge occurs in the night. 

You Have Difficulty Sleeping

When the kidney does not do its job of filtering toxins properly. Instead of getting out of the body through urine, toxins remain in the bloodstream. This occurrence leads to difficulty in sleeping. Furthermore, individuals with chronic kidney disease are more likely to be affected with sleep apnea when compared with people that have their kidneys functioning perfectly.

You find it Difficult to Concentrate and Get Tired Very Often

As the ability of the kidney to function at its optimum decreases, there is usually a simultaneous increase in the level of impurities and toxins in the blood. When this happens, there is usually a huge likelihood for those affected to become tired very frequently and also have difficulties concentrating on tasks they have at hand. Furthermore, kidney disease causes anemia, a health condition that causes those affected to always experience fatigue.

Your skin is dry and Itchy

When the kidneys are healthy, they carry out lots of vital functions in the body. Some of these functions include contributing to the production of red blood cells, taking out excess waste and fluid from the body, playing a role in the maintenance of minerals in the body in the right amount, and helping the bones stay healthy. While there are various reasons the skin might be dry and itchy, one reason why the skin can be dry and itchy is when the bone is diseased as a result of the kidney not being able to maintain nutrients, as well as minerals in the blood in the right amount.

Your Feet and Ankles are swollen

As the ability of the kidney to carry out its function reduces, the body begins to retain sodium. This occurrence leads to the swelling of the ankles and the feet. Although swelling in the ankle and the feet can be an indication of the kidney being diseased, it could also be an indication that the heart or the liver is diseased.

Foamy Urine

When your urine contains excess bubbles, it can be a sign that your kidney is diseased. This is because the presence of excess bubbles when you urinate is an indication that there is protein in your urine.

Blood Stained Urine

 When the kidney is healthy, the process of filtering the blood does not involve passing out blood cells alongside waste. However, when the kidney is unhealthy, it cannot keep the blood cells from passing out with waste during filtration. This ultimately results in blood-stained urine.

Your Eyes are Continuously Puffy

 When the kidneys’ filters get damaged, one early sign of this is the presence of protein in the urine. When a large amount of protein leaks through the kidney and is passed out alongside waste, your eyes can get puffy as an indication that lots of protein are getting out of the body.

Muscle Cramps

When the kidney fails to function as it should, this results in electrolyte imbalance. When there is electrolyte imbalance, it could lead to cramping of the muscles. A perfect example of this is when the level of calcium in the body is lower than normal, it can cause muscle cramps.

Poor Appetite

There are lots of reasons people have a poor appetite. While a reduction in appetite is not concrete proof of kidney disease, there is a likelihood that it could be as a result of diseased kidneys.


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