3 Reasons Why Maintaining a Skincare Routine is Good for Your Mental Health

You may not realize it, but having a good skincare routine can overall benefit the whole body, which includes your brain. When you are committing and following a routine that benefits the health of your largest organ, it delivers the bonus of providing structure and it helps your psychological well-being as well.

Caring for your skin is a significant step in starting your self-care routine. Your skin is a great check engine light for your overall internal health. When your skin looks good and feels good, you tend to feel better about yourself.

Just why is that? Below are the 3 reasons why.

Skincare Routines Provide Stability 

 Right now, when the world seems to be at its most unstable because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the ability to provide stability is one of the best things that can happen. The routines you follow, such as exercising, journaling, eating healthy, and even taking care of your skin, can all be lost when routines change. But keeping up with these routines, you are keeping up with your overall health in both body and mind. Researchers have found that people who have less consistent routines throughout the active part of the day are more likely to suffer from major depressive and bipolar disorders, mood problems, loneliness, and happiness. By keeping up with the routines, you’re more likely to feel more balanced and overall feel better.

Focusing on doing something nice for yourself helps stop the worry spiral

You might find that certain times of the day can trigger and choose the thoughts, but you can break negative thoughts with self-care. For those who experience anxiety and depression, you may find that your condition is exacerbated 30 minutes to an hour before bed. You might find that engaging in things like washing your face, toning, and moisturizing can get you out of your head and focus on what you’re doing. The act of caring for your skin additionally provides an opportunity for mindfulness. This practice has been shown to buffer depression and anxiety by stopping worry and allowing you to stay present in the moment.

Pampering Your Skin Boots Your Mood 

 It may not seem like it, but creating a routine that feels good and includes products you enjoy using can positively affect your mood. This means, don’t underestimate the impact of gently massaging your skin with the warm washcloth to cleanse, taking extra time to smooth the silky moisturizer on your face, or even just applying a facemask. When you do something you enjoy, this event releases feel-good neurotransmitters in the brain. When this happens, it’s almost like a natural little high for something so simple. Think of it as a good workout, you feel better and have fewer anxiety symptoms post-workout than before.

When it comes to having a routine, you might find that your anxiety or depression symptoms seem to ease. It really is what they say: when you feel good, you look good.